Don’t Open Till Christmas, 1984

This is a British slasher movie of director Edmund Purdom with the writers Alan Birkinshaw and Derek Ford. The movie followed the mysterious killer killing Santa Claus impersonators during Christmas time in London.

Cast Lists

Edmund Purdom performed as the Chief Insp. Ian Harris

Ashley Dransfield performed as the Drunken Santa Claus

Adrian Black performed as a Circus Santa Claus Kelly Baker performed as Experience Girl

Max Roman performed as the Store Santa Claus

Gerry Sundquist performed as Cliff Boyd

Pat Astley performed as Sharon

Wilfred Corlett performed as an expert Santa

Wendy Danvers performed as Mrs. Sherry

Maria Eldridge performed as Girl in the Car

Derek Hunt performed as Police Constable

Laurence Harrington performed as Kate’s Father

Alan Lake performed as Giles Harrison

Ricky Kennedy performed as a Theatre Santa

Paula Meadows performed as Dungeon Secretary

Caroline Munro performed as herself

George Pierce performed as the Market Santa Claus

Sid Wragg performed as the Dungeon Santa Claus

John Aston performed as Santa Claus inside the Car

Kelly Baker performed as Experience Girl

NIcholas Donnelly performed as Doctor Bridle

Des Dolan performed as Detective Constable

Derek Ford performed as the Circus Santa Claus

Ken Halliwell performed as Restaurant Commissionare

Mark Jones performed as a Detective Sergeant Powell

Kevin Lloyd performed as Gerry

Belinda Mayne performed as Kate Briosky

Ray Marioni performed as Maitre d’hotel


A man suit in Santa and a woman met in the alleyway to have a contact inside the car, and were stabbed to their death by the man wearing the grinning translucent mask. In a party, another guy dressed in Santa Claus had the spear thrown over his head, and died in front of Kate Brioski, his daughter. At the New Scotland Yard, Ian Harris, the Chief Inspector and Detective Srgt. Powell discussed the killings and interviewed Kate and Cliff, her boyfriend. That evening, another Santa was killed having his face push to the grill where he was roasting the chestnuts over the open fire.

The following day, a present was given to Harris, Powell took the odd call from the man that claimed to be the reporter named Giles; then, the Santa was shot in his mouth. Cliff tricked Kate to visiting the porn studio personally owned by his old friend, and right after Kate stormed off, Cliff and a model prepared for the outdoor photo shoots, but Cliff run-off when the two police officials spotted them, and a model encountered a killer, who allows her to go.

At the peep show, the Santa was knifed, which has been witnessed by Sherry Graham, a stripper. Harris visited Cliff and Kate, and make clear it that Cliff was the suspect during the attacks, because of being present for the two of them. Giles was found by Powell digging in his office, and told him that the magazines Giles stated he had worked for claiming not to recognize him. Giles retorted by recommending that Harris was really hiding something, and Powell should kept an eye over him. The Santa was assaulted by the group of teens, and runs in the London Dungeon, wherein he and the employee were killed.

Writer’s Notion

This is one terrible movie on its many ranks. The story is absolutely outlandish and ridiculous. The cast acting mediocre at its best and the premise involved people that the dawn Santa costumed during the season being unceremoniously murdered gradually. Therein resting an issue is the lack of ceremony. The slasher movie with no ceremony is just like a romance movie without a kiss. And then Santa after a Santa is killed. But, we do not know who really they are, and the suspense doesn’t fit anyway in the poorly constructed equation. A murder themselves had not been doted on and the lack of imagination whatsoever.

And going back to their story line, the logic is really thrown out their window at each misstep. With the whole city under the terrifying siege, why will people continue to put on the ridiculous costumes, and just seemingly walk perfectly into the hand of the killer? Is this even been handled by an able director and writer and not to mention its addition of any budget, if there is any?

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