Bloody New Year, 1987

The film is a British supernatural horror movie of director Norman J. Warren and the plot concerning the group of teens who were trapped in the haunted hotel on the remote island.

Cast Lists

Suzy Aitchison acted as Lesley

Nikki Brooks acted as Janet

Colin Heywood acted as Spud

Mark Powley acted as Rick

Julian Ronnie acted as Tom

Chas Cronk acted as the ghostly singers seen by Spud

Tony Fernandez acted as the ghostly singers seen by Spud

Steve Emerson acted as Dad

Jon Glentoran acted as The Bear

David Lyn acted as TV Interviewer

Steve Wilsher acted as Ace

Catherine Roman acted as Carol


In year 1959, the crowd of partygoers celebrated the Eve of New Year at the Hotel Grand Island before a mysteriously vanishing happened.

Decades later, the group of teens – couples Tom and Lesley and Rick and Janet, with their buddy Spud – were spending their day at the seaside funfair and then they saw the trio of hooligans – Ace, Dad, and The Bear – terrorizing Carol, an American tourist. They rescued Carol and run from the thugs through taking the boat out to the sea, only to jog aground and ended up stranded on the Grand Island. They stumbled across a hotel that appeared deserted; the lobby was adorned with the Christmas ornaments, despite the truth that it is just July.

Bloody New Year

Spud looked for the towel for the damp and shivering Carol. While he was gone, the spirit of a maid come in and hand over Carol a towel. In the mean time, Spud heard music coming from a ballroom. He saw the duo performing on the stage only for the performers to vanish in front of him. In one room of the guests, Rick and Janet swap their ruined outfit for the 1950s attire. Janet was horrified by the abrupt appearance of the disfigured woman in the mirror. When looking for a building’s circuit breaker, Tom and Lesley were startled by the fireworks that inexplicably light. The teenagers regroup and locate for the empty theatre of the hotel, which is screening a movie Fiend without the Face.

Rick was convinced that somebody was staging the elaborate prank, tried to turn off their projector, but accidentally played the promotional reel for this hotel showing the partygoers fronting the entrance. One of the figures burst-out by the screen, killing Spud, and vanishes. Badly trying to locate the way off that island, the survivors separated and were each plagued by the supernatural happenings: Tom and Lesley find the cottage near a shore, wherein Lesley was attacked by the monstrous figure that disappeared after Tom speared it; Rick and Janet heard disembodied voices in the forest, woods and saw the plane crash into the close by building; and then Carol was suddenly caught in the snowstorm inside a hotel.

Writer’s Opinion

The film is one cheesy horror movie set on the isolated island. The cast acting is really bad and the scenes were gored as well as the different exploitation elements being known from the earlier Norman Warren’s releases are almost totally absent. The movie had some really surprising instances-the scene wherein Rick and his girl pal is chased by the group of people by the rustling forests except their pursuers were invisible and was the film’s highlight.

This horror film will make you feel involved in the Necronomicon. You will enjoy the presentation of a possessed cast even if they had been okay with regards to makeup. Overall, the movie is not an ideal film or a classic one, but it is fun to watch that makes it worth viewing.

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