“New Year, New You”, 2018

This is an American horror anthology TV series episode of Into the Dark that aired as a fourth episode of this show’s initial season. This initially premiered in the US on 2018 of December 28, on Hulu. This episode was under the direction of Sophia Takal of the script she also co-wrote with Mr. Adam Gaines.

Cast Lists

Suki Waterhouse acted as Alexis

Melissa Bergland acted as Chloe

Carly Chaikin acted as Danielle Williams

Michelle Haro acted as Frankie

Isabella Acres acted as Kelsey

Bianca Lopez acted as Jesse Hall

Mia Clyburn acted as Carly

Kirby Howell-Baptiste acted as Kayla


Alexis is a babysitter and this child she took care for both watch the video presenting Danielle Williams, is the famous social media influencer that takes her own streaming TV series, “Very Very Vegetable”. After that, Alexis will return to her own house to have a preparation for the coming New Year’s Eve gathering while admiring how apparently “ideal” Danielle’s life was. Kayla and Chloe, her high-school buddies, arrive and then they all celebrated and catch up together, discussing their union with Danielle just before she became popular and the chances that she will not show up. Afterwards, she does, although tension mounts in between Alexis and her.

While the night is going on, Danielle unknowingly annoyed the others through filming them that she will use for her Instagram, but still unknown of their lives now. As these girls are enjoying their party, however, the game of the “Never Have I Ever” made Alexis lost her temper over Danielle during the turn of Danielle for saying she did not bullied the girl named as Kelsey until the time she committed suicide. Then, Danielle attempted to move on, however, Alexis waterboard her with champagne, counting down till midnight, then told the other pals to tie Danielle like they have agreed.

With Danielle being tied up, Alexis berated her for bullying every one of them just before revealing that she intended to record Danielle confession her role with the suicide of Kelsey to ruin the career of Danielle. Danielle agreed, but only said that she should have done more, just to stop the bullying of Kelsey without admitting to do it herself. In reply, Alexis smeared the goods from the make-up line of Danielle, earlier as Danielle’s gift, in the face of Danielle and cutoff the area of her hair that has the broken glass to just make her even more “camera-ready.” Then, Kayla, overwhelmed, left the place to FaceTime with Frankie, her girlfriend. Alexis followed Kayla, and then Danielle attempted to convince Chloe in freeing her by giving Chloe her spot over the YT channel she’ll be leaving. Chloe begins to untie her before the others return. After Kayla and Alexis return, Danielle attacked Alexis, and knocked her out.

Writer’s Opinion

It is not so usual for a victim of horror to not call for the cops or to run upstairs and then make bad decisions. There’s that much missing about a friend who had bullied into committing suicide, why did not anybody call the cops if they can, who is crazier? Why could not they turn a steam room off over the similar control panel when you see it initially turned on within the steam room? These are all crazy and stupid. There is really no lesson or point in here.

Why they did not go on to an even more detail about a girl who committed suicide, just like having a back story and everything and why the audience did not get to watch what really happened. It seemed to the viewers like a real waste of time. Also, what happened to those parents of the girls, and where did the scar came from? These are just a few of the many questions that as a viewer have in their mind?

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