Dark Harvest, 2023

This American fantasy horror movie is under the direction of David Slade with the writer Michael Gilio, loosely from the novel of the similar name from 2006 by Norman Partridge.

The Cast Lists

Casey Likes performed as Richie Shepard

Elizabeth Reaser performed as Donna Shepard

Jeremy Davies performed as Dan Shepard

Luke Kirby performed as Officer Jerry Ricks

Dustin Ceithamer performed as Sawtooth Jack/October Boy

Steven McCarthy performed as Coach Nelson

E’myri Crutchfield performed as Kelly Haines

Britain Dalton performed as Jim Shephard

Story Outline

In year 1962, the teen boys from the little rural town compete at the yearly Halloween “Run”: they should stop the deadly supernatural being called as Sawtooth Jack to from reach the church just before midnight came. This year, Jim killed the creature and heads the boys in indulging on its sweet innards, winning around $25,000 and with the current Chevrolet Corvette from Harvesters Guild. As their city celebrates, Jim said goodbye to Richie, his younger brother and drives away going to his new life.

After a year, Officer Ricks lectured the boys regarding the Run; and only Richie was exempt, because his family already won. Richie flirted with Kelly, the newcomer in town, and was determined to take responsibility in the Run, regardless of his parents’ trying to dissuade him. Hit by his bullying mates Riley, who stole his belt, Richie was troubled by the letter from Jim and the postcards. He tried to leave the town by the stolen car, but was subdued by Ricks.

In the meantime, the farmer turned an emaciated corpse to a scarecrow together with the carved pumpkin as the head, sewing sweets inside the corpse before it rose as Sawtooth Jack. Since it is a tradition, the boys in town are locked in the rooms and was starved for the next three days until they’re let loose during the Halloween, taking to streets with makeshift weapons and masks. Richie sneaks out so he can join the Run together with his friends Charlie, Mitch, and Bud, chasing Sawtooth Jack in the cornfield. The creature killed Mitch and Charlie, but seems to allow Richie to escape. Richie locates Kelly, who has joined in hunting herself, and the traumatized Bud return to the town. His parents refused to allow him inside, and then he pleads with the team of boys hiding at the storm cellar, however, Sawtooth Jack arrived and killed Bud and the rest. Kelly and Richie stole the handgun from the house of Ricks and his patrol vehicle, whereas the progressive boys start looting and murdering the townspeople and each other. Stop by Riley, Kelly knocked him unconscious and then Richie reclaimed his belt buckle.

Writer’s Observation

The acting was not that bad or anything, however, the casts were questionable about the teens in town, the teenager’s parents, or the police; the premise involving teens being obliged to go and killed this entity called as Sawtooth Jack who appeared every Halloween from a corn field, that seemed like the creepy idea, however, most of the film doesn’t set it up really well other have everybody talk about it being the build up to a day. Normally on Halloween it’s just teens running around wearing their masks either killing one another or destroying the things in the city which you will think why they are doing such things, when they had been making the big deal about the hunting of Sawtooth Jack and then stopping him to kill people, but instead they’re distracted the entire time.

The entity named Sawtooth Jack did appear disturbing with not terrible practical upshots to have him stroll around killing individual, and some points when catches over fire making some very cool camera shots; a thought of him having the old looking head of pumpkin head had been interesting and also how he slayed people was bloody and brutal. It is not known if this has been in the book, but there’s something that revealed who is creating the Sawtooth Jack and who’s this entity attacking individual, but the movie really goes through it rapidly during the ending of the movie.

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