Sister Death, 2023

The film is a Spanish supernatural horror movie under the direction of Paco Plaza with himself and Jorge Guerricaechevarría as the writers. This is the prequel to the film Verónica of 2017. The movie plot follows a paranormal experience of the novice (Bedmar) being enrolled as the convent teacher operating as the school for girls in 1940s in Spain.

The Cast Lists

Aria Bedmar performed as Narcisa

Sandra Escacena performed as Verónica

Olimpia Roch performed as Elvirita

Luisa Merelas performed as Madre Superiora, the Mother Superior

Consuelo Trujillo performed as Hermana Muerte

Maru Valdivielso performed as Hermana Julia

Adriana Camarena performed as Ana María

Martina Delgado performed as Marina

Sara Roch performed as Rosa

Chelo Vivares

Claudia Fernández Arroyo

Story Outline

In the year 1939 in Spain, a girl has been revered by townfolks. After ten years, novice Narcisa was welcomed by their sister Julia into the convent refitted for educating the young girls. Right after coming across the marble, Narcisa was introduced by their sister Julia to their Mother Superior, who was joyful to see the holy girl who was from the news inspiring the whole community. Julia and their Mother Superior along with some sisters in their community are still enduring from before the past war. Mother Superior told Narcisa that she was about to begin lecturing on language, natural sciences and literature in replacement of Sis. Inés to also take vows and Narcisa was shock.

Upon settling in her new space, Narcisa finds the cigar box with a photograph of Sis Socorro, letters, and scissors, also getting spooked in the close by falling wooden chair with the incomplete hangman drawing at the wall. After the Latin mass, Narcisa confessed her insecurities about the supernatural gifts and about her faith to their priest. Narcisa had the rocky start of being a teacher, since she barely handles to write the name on the board and the girl pees herself. Right after being shown of the album portraying those sisters with the vacant imageholder, Narcisa takes back to Socorro’s photo. The marble moving on their floor guided her into the cellar full of so many religious icons and also with what has been revealed as Santa Marta’s hand, the relic lost during the war.

Narcisa had her nightmare about eating those eyeballs being prepared as fritters. Next that evening with the paranormal phenomena spooking of two girls who goes in the bathroom, and that scissors appearance in the box that she saw earlier, Narcisa went to the tomb of Socorro. One of those girls, punished Rosa, told Narcisa about the haunting spirit cursing individual through writing the names, and also the tale of how Inés was gone. Narcisa had the nightmare about being choked by her veil. Whereas Narcisa lectured the girls about the upcoming astronomical eclipse that ‘Rosa’ name appeared written on the board and while the hangman draw keeps adding strokes. When Narcisa pursued to speak with the spirit, Rosa and also Narcisa completed the drawing. Rosa told Narcisa that she had the spirit behind before finally disappearing. Narcisa was bullied by Julia to leaving. Narcisa badly looks for the missing Rosa, meeting the disturbing paranormal thing in the confessional area before seeing the hanged Rosa at the back of the lattice.

Writer’s Observation

This movie is one old style horror film that concentrates more on the psych part than on the cheap visuals of scaring the viewer. The setting is just amazing, the actors played the role well and the cinematography is excellent. The director is aware of how to make the viewers to feel uneasy. Of course it’s not perfect however, but it’s over average for the Netflix standards.

If you’re someone who adored horror movies and want a thing different than those modern ones, then just give it an attempt to watch and sure you will not regret it. Please take note that it’s a gradual burn horror movie with some pleasant kills…!!!!

It is actually a real good movie and Veronica can be considered as one superior movie, but it’s how you create a prequel. Completely diverse on its approach, and has an importance on the initial story, yet it is much of its own thing.

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