The Nun II, 2023

This American gothic supernatural and horror film of director Michael Chaves, with the screenplay being written by Richard Naing, Akela Cooper and Ian Goldberg from the story by Cooper. This serve as the sequel to the 2018 The Nun and also the eighth installment of The Conjuring Universe franchises.

The Cast Lists

Taissa Farmiga performed as Sister Irene

Bonnie Aarons performed as The Demon Nun

Jonas Bloquet performed as Maurice

Katelyn Rose Downey performed as Sophie

David Horovitch performed as Cardinal Conroy

Maxime Elias-Menet performed as Jacques

Léontine d’Oncieu performed as Simone

Storm Reid performed as Sister Debra

Kate Colebrook performed as Irene’s Mom / Saint Lucy

Pascal Aubert performed as Father Noiret

Suzanne Bertish performed as Madame Laurent

Vera Farmiga performed as Lorraine Warren

Anouk Darwin Homewood performed as Celeste

Andrew Morgado provides the demonic voice

Anna Popplewell performed as Kate

Patrick Wilson performed as Ed

Story Outline

In the year 1956, Father Noiret with the young Jacques performed their daily errands in the ministry in Tarascon, France. During the investigation, Noiret, a disturbance, was raised in the air, being set on fire, then, burned to his death before the terrified Jacques flees.

After four years following those events at the monastery of Saint Cartha. Sister Irene now served in Italy, in a convent. Maurice worked at the boarding institute in France, wherein he has befriended the young Irish learner named as Sophie and her mother and teacher, Kate. Irene had her vision of Maurice who was asking to save him. Irene was dispatched by a Cardinal to investigate the sequence of passing across Europe, recognized to Valak, the demon, because of her previous experiences with the demon. Irene traveled to Tarascon together with Sister Debra, the young novice who expressed her difficulty of accepting the miracles, like the real existence of Jesus Christ in Eucharist. In the meantime, the delivery girl witnessed Valak talking to Maurice, the possessed one before Valak finally killed her.

While in Tarascon, Irene was being haunted by Valak together with the strange vision. Sis. Debra told Irene that she accepted the rosary of Noiret’s from Jacques. While in school, Sophie was bullied by her classmates and has been locked in the sealed-off, deconsecrated chapel. The bully pointed out the goat over the tainted-glass window, claiming that the devil appears during the sun shines and turned red the eyes of the goat. One evening, the headmistress encountered the sleepwalking Maurice and was slayed by Valak when in the appearance of her dead son.

Writer’s Observation

The Nun movie has its’ disclose of few unintentionally comic moments and cheap scares, it was shocking to know how much better this season II from the initial one.

Flashes of greatness had been observed here, and more often than it is not, it is directed with extensive skill and a far more restraint when compared with the primary movie. It is more patient and a lot quieter from the first one, fleshing out the characters before the things get insane. As for the character dynamics, they are really interesting at this time. The dialogue has been at times cheesy, but there is a sincerity to humans here that gives the gripping value to the perilous moments of the movie.

There is certainly quite a little of bad scenes that can be seen here, but this is actually more acceptable. Hopefully movies will go back to being a good one. While, the funny things here is that, when it is a minor cast who is in danger – it become an instant death. However, when it is the major cast, – seemingly ever nun wanted to do is to jump out and then scare you again and again. It just denotes no sense at all and really deflated every tension to be out of this movie.

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