Abandoned, 2022

This is a horror movie of director Spencer Squire with the writer Jessica Scott and Erik Patterson. The film was the Squire’s featured movie directorial debut, together Roberts gives as one of their producers.

Cast Lists

Emma Roberts acted as Sara Davis

Paul Schneider acted as Dr. Carver

John Gallagher Jr. acted as Alex Davis

Addy Miller acted as Anna Solomon

Justin Matthew Smith acted as Robert Solomon

Paul Dillion acted as Harrington

Michael Shannon acted as Chris Renner

Kate Arrington acted as Cindy

Marie May acted as Infant Liam

Deven Malbrock


The young couple, Alex and Sara arrived at the farmhouse in the country part with their Liam, infant son. They seemed to be uneven from the city, wherein this farmhouse instantly seemed like a great choice. However, Sara seemed to be struggling in dealing with her incessantly baby is crying and is distant most of the time. Alex puts up for her silences as he glances around the place that has the huge house and a barn. When the paperwork is about to be completed, Sara asked the realtor why a house did not have anyone swelling in there for a long period of time, to which she’d frankly responded that there were some gruesome episodes in it for many years then.

Alex said that they don’t want to be informed about it; however, Sara insisted that they must, and the realtor revealed that the girl had pledged to make a suicide attempt inside the house right after killing the father and her baby. She handed them the enveloped report and then suspected that the couple can obviously skip a property, much like everybody else before them. However, Sara said that they still wanted to take it that even tells her spouse that she wouldn’t mind a bit haunting. Sara mostly struggled to reunite with her son, who seems to also not want to become breastfed and instead preferred the milk from the bottle. Alex, the veterinarian, often worked longer days, leaving alone Liam and Sara. Alex and Sara find the locked room in the new house, where they unlock and to find the child’s room, presumably a girl’s room. As they were exploring, a guy arrived and scared them.

He said, he was Renner, and he stays next door. He’s helpful in fixing things around their house, and told Sara what really happened inside the house. Sara opens the envelope also and reads up regarding an incident: Anna, a young girl, used to stay there with Robert, her father, inside the house, whom she killed together with her infant baby, before also killing herself some 40 years back. Sara starts to hear and saw things inside the house. It’s revealed that she’s suffering from what they call, postpartum depression, which will leave her feeling distant to her baby and her husband. She heard the kids laughing and playing at the back of the locked door that had been hidden by the heavy wardrobe. Renner told Sara that Anna has a brother, their own mother also died in childbirth, while Robert was raping Anna. Then Sara asked what happened to that brother, Renner said he had been ignored and blamed for the death of his mother. Sara revealed to him that she had been seeing both Robert and Anna inside the house; and Renner said he does not believe in things like that and left. Sara invited the realtor over so she asks what really happened to that boy, and the realtor told her it’s Renner; he tried to assume to have a new identity during his return.

Writer’s Opinion

This movie begins as a very promising one. The setup was good, and Shannon turned in the classic Shannon role as the creepy Michael Shannon-just like neighbor, however, it never really delivered it. The reveal only happened pretty early, and then they telegraph it starting from the mile away.

If you are someone who loved the slow burn horror films, you will surely not expect anything to really happen and no risk of spoilers since there’s really nothing that will spoil. It is just sort of slog along and ends. This seemed like they had been teasing a thing more interesting at the backstory, however, it was like they’d checked their watches, and decided the film was long enough, that they called it a wrapped.

They must have named this movie as Baby Crying, it may be more accurate with its plot and those that do not want it from its title could have avoided it easily. Stay away even when you cannot find anything to watch, just glance at the wall.

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