The Long Night, 2022

This film is also named as The Coven and it is an American horror movie written by Mark Young and Robert Sheppe with the director Rich Ragsdale. This movie is about the couple whose a calm weekend takes a strange turn when the nightmarish cult and the maniacal head of the group came to fulfill their apocalyptic prophesy.

On a review aggregator of the website Rotten Tomatoes, about 35% of the critics’ reviews had been positive, with a normal rate. Metacritic that used the weighted average, assigned this film with scores based on the critics, indicating the “average or mixed reviews”.

Cast Lists

Scout Taylor-Compton acted as Grace

Bobby Davis acted as Coven Member

Nolan Gerard Funk acted as Jack

Wendy Oates acted as Coveness

Kevin Ragsdale acted as Wade

Deborah Kara Unger acted as The Master

Scott Daniel acted as the Torch Coven Member

Jeff Fahey acted as Wayne

Russ Gladden acted as Coven Member

Justin Paitsel acted as Coven Member

Erika Stasiuleviciute acted as Master (flashback)


While searching for her parents she never knew, Grace, a New York transplant returned to her childhood grounds at the southern stomping ground with Jack, her boyfriend, to have an investigation of the promising direct over her family’s whereabouts. During their arrival, the weekend of the couple takes a terrifying, bizarre turn as one nightmarish cult and the maniacal head terrorize the couple en-route to attaining that twisted the ancient apocalyptic prophecy.

Writer’s Opinion

Let’s get straight to it – it is a bad film. The tale is closely nonexistent and what’s there uninspired, utmost generic cult plot imaginable. Their two leads would have made a fine side character in the slasher who had been killed off; however, they are not just the kind of characters who will lead a film like this. Their male lead gives a tough portrayal of that obnoxious loaded jockbro archetype, whose aim is to merely be fodder…However, that kind of personality has no skills or knowledge to lend to this kind of tale and feels awkward if left in for that long. Compton basically reprised her role being Angel Meyers from her other movie, however, in this movie, she is just one forgettable shell from the casts and is barely provided anything to do or say, despite being the leading star. Nothing of any importance happened.

That being said, there had been numerous genuinely great visuals. The cult looked exceptional and there had been a number of attractive shots of that cult doing cult stuffs, like igniting the massive unicursal hexagram sign on the lawn. The movie seemed to take important influence from the 70s psychedelic/cult, horror, and its atmosphere was done well. Although it lacked most aspects necessary for the best movies, many scenes here had that strong music video feeling and would had worked really well in the context. Being a movie, it totally fails, but when distilled, it could had made the best short folk horror movie from exclusively around the forte of the aesthetic and visuals without the need to try to integrate the story.

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