The Exorcist: Believer, 2023

This American supernatural horror movie of director David Gordon Green is from the story of Danny McBride, Scott Teems, and Green as well, and he also co-wrote the movie screenplay together with Peter Sattler. This is the sixth installment of The Exorcist franchise, and it served as the direct sequel to that 1973, “The Exorcist”. The plot follows the photographer who should confront the depths of evil when her best friend and his daughter are possessed.

The Cast Lists

Leslie Odom Jr. performed as Victor Fielding

Okwui Okpokwasili performed as Dr. Beehibe

Raphael Sbarge performed being Pastor Don Revans

E. J. Bonilla performed as Father Maddox

Linda Blair performed as Regan MacNeil

Lidya Jewett performed as Angela Fielding

Norbert Leo Butz performed as Tony West

Jennifer Nettles performed as Miranda West

Christopher Allen Nelson source of the demon voice

Olivia O’Neill performed as Katherine West

Celeste Oliva performed as Detective Konik

Ann Dowd performed as Ann

Ellen Burstyn performed as Chris MacNeil

Tracey Graves performed as Sorenne Fielding

Lize Johnston performed as Lamashtu

Danny McCarthy performed as Stuart

Helen Leahey is the main source of voice

J. Moliere source of the demon voice

Story Outline

The Exorcist

In Haiti, the photographer Victor Fielding together with Sorenne, his pregnant wife, blessed by the voodoo practitioner, were on their honeymoon and then a massive earthquake proceeds. Sorenne was gravely injured, and the paramedics told Victor that he must select to save either his baby or his wife.

Thirteen years after, Victor lost his faith in God ever since the death of Sorenne, and raises Angela, his daughter in Georgia all by himself. One day after Angela’s school, Angela ventured into the jungle with Katherine her Baptist friend, to perform the séance, attempting to talk to Angela’s mother. These girls go missing, then, the 3-day manhunt ensues.

These girls were found in the barn during the third day of their missing; though traumatized, they seemed relatively normal, having endured only blaze to their feet. In the following day at their home, Angela attacked Victor and starts convulsing, while Katherine had an outburst during the church service wherein the sacrament of the Holy Communion is being celebrated. Victor admitted Angela to the hospital wherein Ann, their neighbor nurse attends to her. Miranda, Katherine’s mother, starts to theorize that these girls have traveled to Hell where they brought the demon back to them.

Writer’s Observation

Initially, you will try liking the movie, but, after some time watching the movie, you will start fear that it was a total dud. The bad thing about this movie is that, it is supposedly a horror film, but it is not horrifying even for a minute. A little strange and freaky, but definitely it is not scary. And if you want to be scared when watching a movie, this is not the movie for you.

Aside from the wonderful performance of Ellen Burstyn, none from the other stars will surely you. The two children, who were obsess were just fine, but not the terrific one. The movie is a kind of film whose trailer is even better and promised an old institute style story but the addition of new elements, made the result a terrible one. The movie script starts without that much interest, the scenarios of the primary symptoms of that demonic possession didn’t create tension and were quite simple, the exorcism scenes feel illogical and failed to stand out at some part in the movie. Though it manages to handle a couple of better scenes, but the use of characters from the first film did not make any sense, their participation was almost irrelevant, but it’s just nice to watch them again. Overall, the performances are all average, and they all did not achieve that masterful performance which the stars from the 1973 movie has achieved. The soundtrack is appreciated, since you can hear that legendary sound of “Tubular Bells” even though with certain alterations which aren’t poorly achieved.

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