Tin & Tina, 2023

This is a kind of psychological horror-thriller movie under the direction of Rubin Stein, and this is also an adaptation of the short movie of 2013 of similar name.

The Cast Lists

Milena Smit performed being Lola

Carlos González Morollón performed as Tin

Teresa Rabal performed as sor Asunción

Luis Perezagua

Jaime Lorente performed as Adolfo

Ruth Gabriel performed as Madre Pedrito

Anastasia Russo performed as Tina

Chelo Vivares

Story Outline

In Spain, during the early 1980s, a pregnant woman, named Lola marries Adolfo, the guy who was presumed to get her pregnant. During the wedding, Lola suffered a miscarriage and was told she can’t have children anymore, plunging her to depression. Adolfo talked to Lola to adopt children from the orphanage nearby them, a convent, and these two ended up adopting Tina and Tin, the albino twins of older age that this couple initially planned to adopt. These twins share the gift for music, particularly those strong religious beliefs wherein it somewhat unnerve Lola. Even though Lola and Adolfo are not religious, then, they pretended to be so that the twins will be happy.

But, soon enough, these twins’ strange religious beliefs start to disturb Lola since the twins are playing disturbing biblical games which are practically lethal. After the dog of Lola bites her, they killed it to wash its soul’ without understanding that it will not come back to his life afterward. When these twins took their first communion, their classmate that used to bully them fell into coma, and Lola suspected that the twins are the ones behind it. Lola finally learnt that the boy passed away, but, Adolfo refused to trust her and doesn’t seem too worried regarding the behavior of the twins. Lola fainted on the Eve of New Year and discovers that she’s pregnant, and much to her horror and shock. The twins become really excited about having that little sibling, but Lola grows even more distant from the twins.

Tin & Tina

After Tina and Tin tied Lola up and attempted to inject her of that potentially fatal-filled syringe to nourish to the baby’, Lola raised the knife to protect herself, much to Adolfo’s shock; her water breaks that time, and right after Lola gave birth, these twins shared enthusiastically that they wanted the baby baptized. When Lola refused, the kids nearly drown Lola’s baby by attempting to baptize him by just them, and Adolfo burns the Bible. Adolfo and Lola’s relationship starts to fall apart right after Tina and Tin are taken back to the sister’s convent, and right after Lola questioned whether they must be married or they should not, the house fire ensues, and burnt Adolfo to death, then, Lola lost her baby in chaos. Suspecting the kids were involved, Lola attempted to talk to God through nearly killing herself, but, then finds the baby, right after which Lola runs from that burning house.

Writer’s Observation

An interesting and an uncomfortable movie to watch, and the pace is just a good speed, where the twins were very creepy and their entire acting was quite good. Their low ratings are really hard to understand. It’s a breath of clean air for this genre, even when there’s not really any metaphor or deep plot aside from the religious existence and speculations, but there are still very interesting questions and ideas that had been raised. Is it something that is mind blowing, probably not, but the talent and the art put in the film is appreciated.

Having adopted two children like that … let us say that they don’t seem to leave the impression that would create a wanting to keep them and have them around. This is what makes all things goes on … quite disturbing. It felt like the adult seemed not able to comprehend to that … maybe they’re in over their heads … Well, you will be the judge when you dare to see this through … it’s quite the test to see in my humble observation.

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