M3GAN, 2022

The film is an American science horror fiction movie of director Gerard Johnstone with the writer Akela Cooper from the tale of James and Cooper Wan with Amie Donald that physically portrayed as M3GAN and then Jenna Davis voicing Megan character. The plot followed an eponymous artificially wise doll that developed self-awareness and then become hostile to anybody who will come between her and the human companion she has.

Cast Lists

Allison Williams acted as Gemma

Ronny Chieng acted as David

Jenna Davis acted as M3GAN voice

Lori Dungey acted as Celia

Arlo Green acted as Ryan

Kira Josephson acted as Ava

Violet McGraw acted as Cady

Michael Saccente acted as Greg

Samson Chan-Boon acted as Officer Carter

Jack Cassidy acted as Brandon

Amie Donald acted as M3GAN

Jen Van Epps acted as Tess

Renee Lyons acted as Holly

Brian Jordan Alvarez acted as Cole

Stephane Garneau-Monten acted as Kurt

Amy Usherwood acted as Lydia


The 9-year-old lass Cady lost her parents from a vehicle accident. She was sent to Gemma, her aunt to stay who is a roboticist in a high-tech Seattle company of toy, Funki. Gemma had been covertly utilizing the resources of the company to develop M3GAN, the Model three Generative Android that is a child-size humanoid robot doll and is powered by an artificial intelligence. It is designed to be an ultimate companion. During the not so successful test of this M3GAN in the lab, David, Gemma’s boss, discovered the project and then ordered her to not continue on working on it. Cady and Gemma struggled to unite until Cady discovered Bruce, the motion capture robot which Gemma made. Watching Cady together with Bruce, Gemma became motivated to complete her project.

When a prototype M3GAN has been formally teamed with Cady, David was convinced of this project’s potential to succeed. M3GAN exceeded expectations and starts to take on the parental role. Tess and Cole, the colleagues of Gemma and also Lydia, Cady’s therapist, became concerned about Cady growing to have unhealthy emotional connection to M3GAN. M3GAN begins operating independently and targets everything that she deemed a danger to Cady. She killed Celia’s dog, the neighbor of Gemma, after it attacked both Cady and her. Later, M3GAN attacked Brandon, the boy bullying Cady, then pulled off his ear; the moment she chased him, he fell into the road which has been run over by the passing vehicle.

After Celia blamed Gemma for the missing dog, M3GAN killed her also. Gemma became suspicious of M3GAN that she attempted to check on the video logs, and just to discover that the files were corrupted. Gemma powered M3GAN off and takes her back to the lab, wherein she, Cole and Tess attempts on fixing her. Cady became distraught when being separated from M3GAN that she slaps Gemma. Gemma apologized for her distraction and told Cady that M3GAN has been a distraction that helped her cope with the loss and not the solution.

Writer’s Opinion

Most movies seemed to either be just fine or underwhelming. Once in a while, they over-deliver that it exceeded your expectations. However, possibly the rarest outcome is when you’re excited to watch the movie and you take exactly what you had hoped for.

M3GAN was really a perfect concoction with the blast of entertainment of the well-paced tale that will be there for the viewers to have fun of it. It did have moments that elevated a viewer enjoyment even a bit more than you would hope for. They went to some places that you would not have expected. It doesn’t mean that a story was not predictable; it had been pretty clear where it has been going the entire moment. But it was memorable and still fun, and you will expect that if ever you happen to walk to a room wherein someone had this movie on, you will surely sit and watch it again with them. You will surely enjoy it to the end.

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