Pearl, 2022

It is a slasher movie of director Ti West, and written by Mia Goth and West, who reprised her role as their title character. This is the prequel to the X (2022) and it’s the second installment of the X movie series. This served as the origin story for a title villain, with a fervent aspiration to be the film star led her of making violent actions over her family’s Texas farmhouse in 1918.

Cast Lists

David Corenswet acted as the projectionist

Emma Jenkins-Purro acted as Mitsy

Alistair Sewell acted as Howard

Mia Goth acted as Pearl

Tandi Wright acted as Ruth

Matthew Sunderland acted as Pearl’s father


In 1918 during an influenza pandemic, Pearl was the young lady that dwells with the German immigrant parents over their Texas farmhouse while Howard, her husband, served in the World War I. The father of Pearl is paralyzed and infirm, and Ruth, her domineering mother, insisted that she help in taking care the farm and his father. Pearl, longed for a more thrilling life, was captivated by the movies she watched at a local cinema and then aspires to become the chorus girl, and this is much to the disapproval of Ruth. But, Pearl also showed some signs of being the disturbed individual; like physically abusing her father and killing the farm animals.

At the movie cinema, Pearl met the young projectionist that takes a liking to her. While riding the bicycle home, Pearl stopped along the cornfield and starts dancing with the scarecrow, fantasizing about a projectionist, and masturbated with it. And when her mother realized that 8 cents had been missing from the errand that Pearl did, Pearl was berated about being so careless and had her supper withheld.

Misty, the rich sister-in-law of Pearl told her of the audition that will be held to get new dancers for the traveling troupe, where Pearl envisioned as her way out of the present circumstances she had. She later got out of their home in the evening, and visited a projectionist, who showed her The Free Ride, the illicit stag movie he acquired when in France. He encouraged Pearl to chase her dreams. Pearl commented that she can’t abandon her family, and also that she wished “they just die.”

And then Ruth finds the plan Pearl took from a film theater, these two gets into a fierce fight over dinner. The physical altercation erupted, during where Pearl shoved her mother against a kitchen hearth, ignited the dress and resulted in Ruth to suffer life-threatening burns. Then, Pearl dragged Ruth in the basement and left her father seated at the kitchen. She flew to a movie theater, wherein she had sex with a projectionist.

Writer’s Opinion

This is a really entertaining throwback-appearing and a blood-soaked origin tale of a girl who has the big dream. After the hints of malevolence, the chain of circumstances with events leads Pearl going to a dark down the path.

The major key here is the appearance of Mia. A minute she came across as the sympathetic character, then, she had been beyond creepy, and then there are times in the movie with laughter interspersed in between moments of terrifying violence. Probably the best moments in the movie are the monologue that has been illustrated as otherworldly. The movie is something really good watch with tremendous performances.

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