The Pope’s Exorcist, 2023

The supernatural horror movie of director Julius Avery is from the screenplay by Evan Spiliotopoulos and Michael Petroni and based on the book entitled An Exorcist Tells His Story of 1990, also with the An Exorcist: More Stories `992 book of Father Gabriele Amorth.

The Cast Lists

Russell Crowe performed being Father Gabriele Amorth Alex Essoe performed as Julia Vasquez

Peter DeSouza-Feighoney performed as Henry Vasquez Ryan O’Grady performed as Cardinal Sullivan

Ralph Ineson performed as the voice of Asmodeus

Laurel Marsden performed as Amy Vasquez

Franco Nero performed as the Pope

Bianca Bardoe performed as Rosaria

Cornell John performed as Bishop Lumumba

Carrie Munroe performed as Adella

Daniel Zovatto performed as Father Esquibel

Story Outline

The Pope's Exorcist

In the year 1987, the personal exorcist of the Pope, Father Gabriele Amorth is an earthy, humorous, scooter-riding, practical man who visited an Italian village wherein the guy was seemingly possessed by the demon. With a local priest, Amorth entered the area where the man was tied up. During exorcising him, using the sacramental Saint Benedict Medal, Amorth taunted the demon, challenging the demon to obsess the pig; when the demon did it, the pig was killed by a shotgun.

The incident takes Amorth in trouble together with the Church tribunal, ever since he acted with no permission from the superiors. A tribunal member was Lumumba, the friendly African Bishop, but another was Sullivan, the vicious American Cardinal, skeptical of the demonic possession. Amorth replied that the evil really existed and that he didn’t perform the actual exorcism but instead, some psychological theater that can help that mentally-ill man. Dismayed, Amorth walked-out of that tribunal. The Pope assigned Amorth to visit Henry, the possessed boy in Spain. Henry, Julia, his mother, and Amy, his rebellious teenage sibling had traveled coming from America to get possession of an odd old Spanish abbey, the husband of Julia sole bequest to the family after he passed away from a vehicle accident during the presence of Henry.

The traumatized Henry hasn’t spoken since that accident. Following the sinister fire the workers who had been restoring the abbey and so that the family can be able to sell it, then leave. Henry started behaving oddly, and supernatural happenings unfold; serum chemistry paneled and MRI showed nothing abnormal. Being diabolically possessed, Henry requested the priest; the resident Father Tomas Esquibel came, but Henry obscenely mocks him. Amorth arrived and enlisted Esquibel as the assistant, although Esquibel was untrained of being an exorcist. Esquibel have heard of Amorth, however, not read the books of Amorth; Amorth believes they’re good books. Amorth advocated the significance of prayer, although Esquibel makes errors of being the assistant exorcist, including choking Henry when Henry antagonized him, mocking him because of his sins.

Writer’s Observation

To be honest, there is a low expectation for this movie. There are so many possession films that have been released during the recent years, there are some that are high budget, there are some that are low, there are pretty good, and majority are not white. This movie actually rated quite high.

There are sequences and moments that you would expect, the dialogues, the jump scares, the explosions, these can all be seen here, but there’s so much more, characters are all developed finely and have more profundity than you would expect, it gives emotional kicks and scares in the same measure. Father Amorth has been the coolest Priest you can see in the big screen, Crowe was brilliant, funny, drove a Vespa, and on a book, be rocked. The movie will give you back some faith for a genre that you will think had long even since the course run.

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