Bride of Re-Animator, 1990

This is an American horror comedy movie directed and produced by Brian Yuzna with Yuzna, Woody Keith and Rick Fry as the writers. It is the sequel of the Re-Animator 1985 movie and also the second entry of Re-Animator movie series. And like its predecessor, this is from a serialized story of “Herbert West–Reanimator” through H. P. Lovecraft.

Cast Lists

Bruce Abbott acted as the Dr. Dan Cain

Irene Forrest acted as Nurse Shelley

David Gale acted as the Dr. Carl Hill

Kathleen Kinmont acted as The Bride / Gloria

Mel Stewart acted as the Dr. Wilbur Graves

Fabiana Udenio acted as Francesca Danelli

Jeffrey Combs acted as the Dr. Herbert West

Friday acted as Angel

Claude Earl Jones acted as Lt. Leslie Chapham

Michael Strasser acted as Ernest

Mary Sheldon acted as Meg Halsey

The Re-Animated

Marge Turner acted as Elizabeth Chapham

David Bynum acted as Black Corpse

Johnny Legend acted as Skinny Corpse

Rebeca Recio acted as Crypt Creature

Noble Craig acted as Crypt Creature

Jay Evans acted as Crypt Creature

Kim Parker acted as Crypt Creature

Charles Schneider acted as Crypt Creature


Bride of Re-Animator

Eight months right after the Re-Animator events, doctors Dan Cain and Herbert West were working as the medics in the hub of the gory Peruvian civil war. During the chaos of the fight and with lots of casualties to deal with, they are open to experiment with the West’s re-animation reagent. And when the medical tent was stormed by an enemy troops; Cain and West returned home at the Arkham, Massachusetts. There, everyone resumed their former vocation as Miskatonic University Hospital doctors, and West returned to the underground room laboratory of the house of Cain to continue the research.

Using the parts pilfered from mutually the morgue of the hospital and from the cemetery situated at the next door, Dr. West discovered that the reagent may re-animate the body parts from them. He became determined to make the whole living person from the disparate corpse parts. West discovered the heart of M. Halsey, Cain’s fiancée, at the hospital morgue. And with a promise of using her heart into re-animate of the new Megan, West convinced Cain to assist him with his plan. Also stored in a morgue are the others of the evidences from the “Massacre of Miskatonic “. Inside, was Dr. Wilbur Graves, the pathologist, discovered the vial of reagent of West and the detached head of Carl Hill, another doctor. Using that reagent, he re-animated Hill’s head.

Meanwhile, the police official Lt. Leslie Chapham starts investigating Cain and West, as they had been the only unmoved survivors of this Miskatonic Massacre; the corpse of the wife of Chapham was re-animated to the crazed zombie during an incident. Chapham suspected Cain and West were responsible. And when he stops through the house to inquire them, he discovered West’s corpse-filled laboratory and these two were confronted. The battle ensued and then West killed Chapham by a cloth treated with the chemical that caused the cardiac arrest if inhaled. West then re-animated the police official with the intent of covering up the crime. Chapham violently wandered out of the home and into a cemetery next door.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is extremely well received at the moment of its airing, still stands as the classic of fantasy and horror genre. The sequel isn’t that so exciting; and like in lots of follow-ups, a surprising effect had disappeared. Also, the script is derivative.

You may the movie with lots of negativity like dumb, corny, cheesy, etc. But you would miss the point. It is a little pulpy to really echo. The gore fans will have to make-up effects and dig the blood. There are severed limbs, loads of gruesomeness, plus the guts spilled all throughout the place. It is the type of thing that a magazine would have the 8-page feature. It has a plentiful load of nastiness and puss. Plus, there are so many splatter in the house.

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