The Strays, 2023

This is a British horror thriller movie that is both directed and written by Mr. Nathaniel Martello-White as his directorial debut. At this movie, Neve is the biracial upper-class lady heading an idyllic life together with her family. Being a socialite in her society and a deputy headmistress in a private school, the privileged life of Neve is jeopardized the moment her troubled past resurfaced to undermine almost all things that she has built.

The Cast Lists

Jorden Myrie performed as Marvin

Samuel Small performed as Sebastian

Maria Almeida performed as Mary

Michael Warburton performed as Kenneth

Joanna Brookes performed as Betty

Alastair Ellery performed as Keith

Lucy Liemann performed as Amanda

Ashley Madekwe performed as Neve / Cheryl

Justin Salinger performed as Ian

Tom Andrews performed as Barry

Bukky Bakray performed as Abigail

Vanessa Bailey performed as Elle

Rob Jarvis performed as Robert

Story Outline

The biracial woman, Cheryl, is dwelling in the undisclosed place in England. She expressed concerns regarding financial difficulties and discrimination to her sister over the phone. The following scenes showed her rejecting telephone calls from her other half and leaving the message on the refrigerator regarding going to the salon.

After several years, Neve was introduced, the fair-skinned biracial lady being wedded to Ian, the white guy, with her two biracial kids, Mary and Sebastian. She is disdainful regarding anything connected with “blackness.” Neve worked at the school of her kids being a deputy headmistress that plans to host the fundraising gala in her house. She usually gets visions of dark people and gets disturbed. During the fundraising gala, she confronted two black people that she thought as strangers; they addressed her as their mom. Going back to five days earlier, with “Dione and Carl” being the concentrated on the story that the dark black teens Neve had been seeing. These two are on their unknown mission that involved staying in a hotel, together with Carl and taking on the first name “Marvin” and taking a job of being a school janitor and then Dione taking the first name “Abigail” and worked as an assistant at the office of Ian. They befriended Neve’s children, Dione invited Mary to a hotel room to have drink and party with them and Carl invited Sebastian to smoke right after he played basketball. Afterwards, Carl convinced Sebastian to harshly attack the school bully.

At present day, it’s revealed that Neve is really Cheryl, and Dione and Carl are her kids. She met them in a diner and gave each of them with ten thousand pounds in order to assist them to go back to their feet when they go back to London. But, Dione and Carl break-in to Neve’s house and Carl took everyone’s phones and then dumped them all in the sink, wherein he turned-on the water that begins to flood the sitting area. Dione and Carl claimed it is Dione’s birthday, that they must celebrate as one family, and forced the family to take an order to Uber Eats.

Writer’s Observation

Let’s face it all when it is about movies, it is all in a matter of different taste. A lot of people seemed too disappointed in it for having no plot, too slow, horrible ending, bad acting, and so on. Ok, in some other’s opinion, the movie is just fine that would possibly make your feel a bit awkward almost while watching the whole movie. It means that, it would make you feel something that lots of movies now don’t have!

The movie was uncomfortable to watch mainly since the topic is about a mother being reluctant of her background, her past and hiding her roots. She obviously hated the old life she had and she was mentally ill. The movie covered lots of psychological aspects! It is a very important tale to tell and it is not really meant to make someone feel good or need to have a fine ending. It is too tiring to read about people reviewing movies as bad because they did not like the end! This movie is not a movie that is going to leave someone feeling good once the end is near. It will require putting aside the desires for a tale that is easy to follow, wraps up with the pretty bow and a clean one. Most people, particularly the “certain persuasion” will surely not like this movie since probably: A – They cannot understand where the movie is coming from and B – They feel like it is racist, but it is totally not!

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