Totally Killer, 2023

This slasher comedy movie is under the direction of Nahnatchka Khan. The story followed Jamie (Shipka) who right after the killing of her mother by the similar Sweet 16 Murderer went on to the murder spree thirty five years earlier, traveled back to the time in 1987, where she paired up with her mom to catch the murderer during the original spree and then return to the timeline before she has been trapped in the ancient time forever.

The Cast Lists

Kiernan Shipka performed as Colette / Jamie Hughes

Andy Thompson performed as Mr. Parr

Anna Diaz performed as Heather Hernandez

Charlie Gillespie performed as the teen Blake Hughes

Troy Johnson performed as the teen Lauren Creston

Liana Liberato performed as Tiffany Clark

Nicholas Lloyd performed as the teen Chris Dubusage

Lochlyn Munro performed as the adult Blake Hughes

Jeremy Monn-Djasgnar performed as the teen Randy Finkle

Brendan O’Brien performed as the adult Lurch

Randall Park performed as the Sheriff Dennis Lim

Jonathan Potts performed as the adult Chris Dubusage

Stephi Chin-Salvo performed as Marisa Song

Ella Choi performed as the teen Kara Lim

Olivia Holt performed as the teen Pam Miller

Zach Gibson performed as the teen Lurch

Patti Kim performed as the adult Kara Lim

Kelcey Mawema performed as Amelia Creston

Nathaniel Appiah performed as the teen Doug Summers

Julie Bowen performed as the adult Pam Hughes or née Miller

Conrad Coates performed as the adult Doug Summers

Tommy Europe performed as the adult Randy Finkle

Kimberly Huie performed as the adult Lauren Creston

Story Outline

On October 27th, 29th, and 31th of 1987, in the little town of Vernon, three teenage girls known as Tiffany Clark, Heather Hernandez and Marisa Song, were murdered by the Sweet Sixteen Killer, each have the 16 times stabbed on the evening of their sweet 16th birthdays.

Now, the teenager Jamie Hughes went to a concert together with Amelia, her friend during the Halloween night while Pam, the mother, stays in their house. Pam used to become friends with these three victims of this Sweet 16 Killer, while handing out some candies she was attacked by the slayer, who stabbed her to death. When Jamie was grieving the death of Pam, she assisted Amelia placed the final touches on the time machine she made for the school project and was approached by the reporter Chris Dubasage, the one that told her that Pam took the note from the murderer that she kept a secret: “You are next, one day.”

In the evening, Jamie was chased by the slayer and hide in a time machine, which activated and transmits her back to year 1987. She realized that if she halts the Sweet 16 Killer earliest spree, she can rescue the life of Pam. Jamie, masquerading as the exchange student coming from Canada, discovered that Pam together with her friends were being despised by everybody in the city since they were bullies. Then, Jamie handles to convince Lauren, the mother of Amelia with the teenager known as Doug, the present-day principal in school, to help her. Even though Jamie handles to infiltrate the party being hosted by Tiffany, she’s unable to halt the killing. Using the trauma in bonding with Pam, she infiltrated the group and convinced them to just leave for the week, even though this backfires; they ended up at a cabin wherein Marisa was killed at the original timeline. When Jamie works on to protect Marisa, changing the timeline, Heather is the one being murdered.

Writer’s Observation

What a great movie! You will be really happy that something like this one came out, juxtaposing life from the year 1987 vs. now. It is very well written, the acting is well and the dialogue is comical. The type of script had been to make effectively and the director and writers knocked it out in the park. It is such a really fun movie with some laughs and enlightened tension to keep most of the audience going right from its beginning.

It is expected that the movie will be funnier and it is. It is not really easy to make horror comedy and then this one made it in some places. The ending reveal part and some portions were funny. It is being guess that there might be a sequel for this movie, since the 80’s edition of the adult casts were so freaking great. Their lead actress and their high school mom really stole the show the whole time. What a really fun movie!!!

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