“Down”, 2019

This episode of the US horror anthology web TV series of Into the Dark which aired as the 5th episode of this show’s initial season. It initially premiered in the US on 1st of February, 2019, on Hulu. This episode was from the script writer Kent Kubena with director Daniel Stamm.

Cast Lists

Matt Lauria acted as John Deakins, the Guy

Natalie Martinez acted as Jennifer

Arnie Pantoja

Christina Leone

Diane Sellers


In the high-rise office structure on the night before Valentine’s Day, Jennifer and Guy were separately working late. It seems that they are the last individuals to leave the place. They entered in the similar elevator on another floors and make little talk. On their way down, an elevator suddenly stops because of the thunderstorm outside. Without the cellular phone signal, they get worried that they will get stuck inside the elevator together up to Tuesday morning, since President’s Day on Monday.

Initially, these two strike it off. Guy shared his bottle of wine and water while Jennifer shared some Hershey’s Kisses that she took before leaving the office. Killing the time, they sketch photos of one another. Jennifer used her phone to record some videos of them linking their past sexual adventures. Grow intimately, they kiss and have sex inside the elevator. Afterwards, Jennifer insisted to Guy that whatever happened to them was merely casual. Upset by what he saw as a rejection, Guy admitted that his tale is the lie. His name is not Guy and he is not in an office work. Instead, he worked as one security guard in the building and had been stalking her since day one. Furthermore, he stopped that elevator by his key when she’s not looking. He then made the elevator key, then, restarted the elevator.

Jennifer was furious; irritably telling him he will rot in jail, then “Guy” stops their elevator again. They were into a physical altercation, where the key was accidentally broken; this truly trapped them inside. “Guy” finally broke through the ceiling tiles of the elevator and Jennifer persuaded him into allowing her to climb out, and promised that she will not call a police. The moment that she was on top of their cabin, but, she flips him before climbing up the ladder and “Guy” then pulled him out to go after, after the chase, pulled Jennifer down just when she was prying opening the elevator door on a high floor before falling again, back inside the elevator cabin. Jennifer was the first to recoup and tied the “Guy” up. Bullying to maim him of the cigar cutter, she recorded the video confession on the phone. This time, the “Guy” revealed the truth: he’s John Deakins. He was once a successful worker of white collar jobs, until that time that he crashed his car and killed a female passenger.

Writer’s Opinion

This story is centered about the season, Valentine’s Day where there are two people that get trapped in the elevator. The acting had been really good and writing had been nice too. Just went on to show you that you can’t really trust anybody in this world not you know them well.

Down had that fun concept that has been done for a couple times, however, it does not feel played out fair yet, but it ended up jumping a shark near the hub and just never come back. Instead, this just doubled down on the terrifying tropes and will make you stare at the clock, then wonder why the movie is just long. It is somewhat predictable and boring.

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