Meg 2: The Trench, 2023

This science fiction action movie is from the screenplay of Jon Hoeber, Dean Georgaris and Erich Hoeber under the direction Ben Wheatley from The Trench of Steve Alten, a novel of 1999. It served as a sequel to 2018 movie, The Meg. Like the previous movies, it follows a crowd of scientists who should outrun and outswim a titular megalodons when the malevolent mining operation threatened the mission and forced them into the high-stakes fight for survival.

The Cast Lists

Jason Statham performed as Jonas Taylor, the stepfather of Meiying and the late Suyin Zhang husband

Skyler Samuels performed as Jess, worker at Mana One

Kiran Sonia Sawar performed as Sal, Mana One diver

Cliff Curtis performed as Mac, operations manager of Mana One

Sophia Cai performed as Meiying, Jonas’ stepdaughter and Jiuming’s niece

Sienna Guillory performed as Driscoll, the billionaire investor who’s financing Jiuming’s efforts at Mana One

Page Kennedy performed as DJ, Mana One’s engineer

Wu Jing performed as Jiuming Zhang, uncle of Meiying

Sergio Peris Mencheta performed as Montes, the mercenary in charge for some illegal mining operation

Melissanthi Mahut performed as Rigas, Mana One security officer

Felix Mayr performed as Lance, Mana One diver

Whoopie Van Raam performed as Curtis, Mana One diver

Story Outline

After eight years the events of their primary film, Jonas Taylor had been involved in battling environmental crimes and helping Mana One also in exploring an added deep part of Mariana Trench wherein the Megalodon was discovered. Following the passing of Suyin Zhang, J. Taylor was raising her teen daughter Meiying along with Jiuming Zhang, Suyin’s brother and her uncle who has obtained his father’s company together with Hillary Driscoll, the wealthy financier. Mana One had been studying also an 80 ft female Meg named Haiqi, who was found as a pup then trained by Jiuming at the reserve in Hainan. Lately, Haiqi had been acting irregularly, leading to Jonas concerned despite the enthusiasm of Jiuming.

Jiuming and Jonas lead the routine submersible investigation to the Trench, together with the stow-away Meiying to witness for the primary time the trench. Fellow Meg survivors Mac and DJ observe the crowd from Mana One. While going down, the subs were pursued by Haiqi that escaped captivity from the prior night; the subs jump down by the thermocline to run away, but Haiqi forced her way by it anyway. The two much bigger Megs, a slightly small beta male, and the huge alpha male appeared and breed with Haiqi. While planning about the escape plan, Jonas together with his team discovered the illegal mining operations in the station captained by mercenary Montes, who had the vendetta against Jonas about his detention some time before. The crew of Montes was hired by that secretly dishonest Driscoll to covertly utilize the Mana One’s accessed to the trench for farming the rare earth minerals which could bring in them billions. Montes killed his crew with the explosion to cover the activities, which caused the beach burst in the trench then grounds both Jiuming and Jonas’ ships.

Mac, DJ, and Jess the fellow Mana One crew analyst discovered that the release pod was sabotaged, forcing their crew to utilize exosuits to stroll towards the area in the organism-filled trench, with Jonas, Jiuming, Meiying, and Rigas, the security officer, surviving the trip. Jess revealed herself as the traitor and attempted to remotely slay the four, but then they escaped the area in another submersible right after the scuffle with Montes, that escaped to the surface by the buoy. Driscoll transmits mercenaries to conquest Mana One whereas Montes surfaces and met Jess. When the crew surface, they discovered the crack from earlier that leads to some of the creatures, with the three Megs, the swarm of a lizard-like creature identified as Snappers and the giant octopus escape the trench and reached the surface.

Writer’s Observation

There are times that you really do not have to believe about the fake reviews that will say that a particular movie is a good one. This movie is an example of a boring movie without a thought at all.

The viewers will have more enjoyment with some other deserving movies. The shark in the Sharknado looks even more realistic than the creation made by those CGI intern in a local community college. There are times that the creator does not care about quality content of the movie and it is just sad for an avid movie goers. This is just unbiased review from the real person that loves horror movies. The initial impression of the movie is that this has been hard to look after. There were dumbfounded scenarios that didn’t make any sense headed by decision making. This movie’s killings were not really good enough especially since it’s a PG-13 film. The only part that you will like here is Jason Statham and the great acting and an antagonists getting slayed off.

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