Saw X, 2023

This American horror movie is edited and directed by Kevin Greutert with the writer Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. This movie is the 10th installment of the Saw movie series. The movie saw John Kramer travelling to Mexico hoping that the experimental procedure will heal his terminal cancer. Then John later discovered that the operation had been a scam, inducing him to abduct those who are accountable and then subject them to the trademark death trapped as retribution.

The Cast Lists

Tobin Bell performed as John Kramer

Jorge Briseño performed as Carlos

David Alfano performed as a doctor

Paulette Hernández performed as Valentina

Isan Beomhyun Lee performed as a custodian

Costas Mandylor performed as Hoffman

Shawnee Smith performed as Amanda Young

Lucía Gómez Robledo performed as an MRI technician

Katie Barberi performed as the cancer support group leader

Steven Brand performed as Parker Sears

Michael Beach performed as Henry Kessler

Donagh Gordon performed as Dr. Finn Pederson

Octavio Hinojosa performed as Mateo

Synnøve Macody Lund performed as Cecilia Pederson

Joshua Okamoto performed as Diego

Renata Vaca performed as Gabriela

Story Outline

John Kramer has been told that he has just months to live because of his advanced brain cancer. John attended the cancer support team meeting and become friends with Henry Kessler, that later claimed that was cured by the investigational Norwegian cancer treatment being conducted by the team headed by the named as Dr. Finn Pederson. The desperate John contacted Cecilia, the doctor’s daughter, who referred him to her the clinic outside the Mexico City.

On coming to Mexico, John was driven to a clinic and was introduced to Cecilia together with her team—Dr. Cortez, Mateo, and Valentina, and also to patients Parker and Gabriela and Carlos, the caretaker’s younger son, with whom he bonded. John went under for a surgery and awakened to Cecilia and telling him that he’s now cancer-free. Discovering the new lease on his life, he purchases the gift for Gabriela. But, upon going back to a clinic, he discovers that it is abandoned. He uncovered the video simulating the supposed brain surgery, then, removed his bandages and discovered that there is no scar at all on his head, and revealing the whole operation as a scam.

Finding out that “Dr. Cortez” had been Diego, the taxi driver in disguise, John abducted and interrogated him, and forced him to play the “game” wherein he must take out the wires of the pipe bombs into his arms through cutting by his flesh that he completes successfully. In the mean time, the apprentice of Jigsaw, Amanda Young abducted Mateo, Valentina, Gabriela, and Cecilia. They woke up in a clinic, now subjected of John’s Jigsaw game. Valentina was tasked with cutting her leg with the Gigli saw and then extracting sufficient bone marrow that may connect to the gauge and deactivate a trap. She handles to amputate the leg but is not able to gather enough marrow, and the next Gigli saw decapitated her. Cecilia used Valentina’s intestines as the rope to retrieve the phone and called for some help, but Amanda shocked her in submission and confiscated the phone.

Writer’s Observation

At this point in time, it would be hard to say that ‘Saw’ had been the most reliable horror series that has ever made. To become 10 movies in and still placing out masterpieces is really a thing that must not be taken for granted. And this movie is one masterpiece. This movie is everything that an audience will ever wish and more.

The drives of Kramer and whether they’re justified or not had been a good discussion among the horror lovers and this ‘Saw’ fans alike. The movie is aware of that for sure. It makes numerous references to this argue and they’re done in a manner that is mutually slightly tongue in the cheek and deadly serious also of what’s coming out in Kramer’s mouth. This movie is a bit different with the others in the sequence however. At this time, there is a revenge plot, also no matter where the audience stand on Kramer, he’s likely going to become the undisputed protagonist here. The revenge element had been a brilliant addition in the series. It added one more layer to the wickedness that the audience are witnessing and then makes everything more layered.

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