9 Great Valentine’s Day Horror Films For Friends And Lovers That Wishes Their Hearts Pounding

When it is time to relax, and you want something that will get your pulse to racing, sit down and enjoy these movies with your loved one and friends on Valentine’s Day.

These movies are something that will make your hands to start becoming a bit clammy. Something with a heart and blood at least, and these are not about the most passionate movies or the most funny romance-comedy movies, these are the more elusive, niche films: the Valentine’s horror movies.

As for the horror movie fans, the big jump scare and Valentine’s Day will best go together than you can ever expect it. The truth is, science had shown that fear and love were both ruled by similar hormone, oxytocin.

Here are the 9 Best Valentine Horror Movies for your big jump scare valentine date:

Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975

This is an Australian movie that does not depend on slashers or gore, but had more of a psychological horror and moody horror into it. It happened in a private institute in the year 1900, and their headmistress decided to take the class of girls over a picnic on Valentine’s Day. After the eerie afternoon, the three girls and a teacher went missing. If you had rather see this story unfold across the six episodes, in year 2018 Amazon created the television series, with the stars Samara Weaving and Natalie Dormer, out of the similar material.

My Bloody Valentine, 1981

If the title will not be enough to signal the status as a great global Valentine’s Day horror film, My Bloody Valentine will also take place in the mining town known as the Valentine Bluffs. Decades ahead, an accident in a tunnel caused the miner to keep on the killing spree, stating that he will come back to kill again when the town will ever hold their Valentine’s Day dance. Their town mayor thought that it was just a kind of superstition and planned to revive the celebration yearly, but takes a human heart inside a candy container as an outcome. Is this a hoax, or is the miner come back for revenge?

Bride of Chucky, 1998

This is the fourth installment of a Child’s Play franchise and it is a Valentine’s themed in the name only — and the name is Ms. Tiffany Valentine, she is the one-time loved of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray, its movie serial killer whose courage possessed the Chucky doll. The moment that Tiffany takes her personal doll to inhabit, these two absolutely cause mayhem (to place it lightly), and the actress strikes the proper horror-comedy tone. The moment that you became a Tiffany fan, you’ll watch her during the other part of the sequel, together with the great Chucky series on the Syfy; in lots of them Tilly had the dual role as herself and Tiffany.

Valentine, 2001

Forget the arrows — the murderer in this movie was wearing a Cupid mask with a knife in his hand! The stars of the movie were Katherine Heigl, Jessica Cauffiel, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton and Jessica Capshaw. They star as the former high school students who start taking obscene Valentine’s Day letters and cards — and subsequent calls from a mask-wearing slayer. Could it be that boy that they tormented when they were in high school?

My Bloody Valentine, 2009

This is the time for one more trip through the mine: The movie starts with a similar premise as its 1981 version of the My Bloody Valentine; however, along the way it has a different twist and turn. When it has been released in the year 2009, this film was presented in a 3D copy, in cases that you have watched it and still wondering why the bits of bones and gore seemed to always fly straight to the center of its screen.

Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013

This movie does not also have a particular Valentine connection; however, the vibe is just right: Everybody is aware knows that nobody will do the smoldering horror-romance in a manner that vampires do smoldering of horror-romance. In this regard, Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston were Eve and Adam, two married, ultra-chill vampires who had been as one for centuries. The moment that Adam was hit with the bout of ennui, this Eve tried to take his spirits up — then the sister of Eve re-entered their lives and begins to cause trouble.

The Love Witch, 2016

While this film does not take place explicitly during the 14th of February, it’s got the feeling from Valentine all over it. Although The Love Witch had been made some few years back, it would not look not be fitted in the 1960s, with its retro fashions and bright colors. It follows the witch with the named Elaine who, right after the passing of her spouse, searched for the new lover. She seduced the string of men; however, their romances did end that well for them.

Cupid, 2020

Everyone is aware that Cupid is the love god, who only wanted to spread the warm hearts throughout the entire humanity. This movie re-imagined Cupid as the monster who used his bow for killing. His powers had been unleashed when the high schooler educating witchcraft summoned him to take revenge over those mean girls in school. The movie is a low budget one, and so threw it on when you are in your mood for that “awesomely bad” kind of encounter.

My Valentine, 2020

The Valentine’s Day movie installment followed the pop star, appropriately called as Valentine, who had to escape from the abusive relationship with Royal, the manager. Things had been intense when Royal showed up with Trezzure, his new artist-lover, – the carbon duplicate of Valentine in sound and in his look — and locks them together in the club.

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