X-Ray, 1982

Hospital Massacre is an American slasher movie under the direction of Boaz Davidson. The plot follows a lady that was trapped on the empty floor of the hospital, where the killer posing as the surgeon attempted to kill her.

Cast Lists

Barbi Benton acted as Susan Jeremy

Marian Beeler acted as Mrs. Edelman

Bill Errigo acted as The Janitor

Don Grenough acted as The Doctor

Elizabeth Hoy acted as Young Susan Jeremy

Charles Lucia acted as Harold Rusk

Jonathon Moore acted as Mrs. Parry

Jon Van Ness acted as Jack

Den Surles acted as Doctor Beam

Jimmy Stathis acted as Tom Jeremy

Elly Wold acted as Mrs. Fedrow

Gay Austin acted as Doc A. Jacobs

Judith Baldwin acted as Desk Nurse

Lanny Duncan acted as Hal

Michael Frost acted as Ned

Billy Jayne acted as Young Harold Rusk

Beverly Hart acted as Suzy

Ann Charlotte Lindgren acted as Nancy Johnson

Gloria Jean Morrison acted as the Nurse Dora Anders

Michael Romano acted as David

Karen Smith acted as the Nurse Kitty Crandle

Tammy Simpson acted as Eva Jeremy

John Warner Williams acted as Doctor Dan Saxon


In year 1961, the unpopular boy known as Harold left Valentine’s Day postcard at the house of the beautiful Susan Jeremy. Susan with David, her friend, crumpled up that card and mock, prompting a furious Harold to smash in the house and then killed David through hanging him from the hatstand.


After 19 years, Susan was divorced, had a daughter, and the new boyfriend was named Jack. On the day of Valentines, Susan has Jack, took her to the hospice to pick the outcomes of the standard physical exam, wherein the latest health insurance plan was requested. On their way to the building, she’s observed from the window by the guy in the surgical garb. The guy stroked the photo of the young Susan, and sabotaged the elevator also where Susan boarded just in to delay her when she he was killing the doctor who had the paperwork, which the killer tampers with. The janitor finds the body of the doctor, and had his face dunked in the packed of an acid by a murderer.

While looking for a doctor, Susan coerced the friendly intern Harry, into getting the results, which Harry noticed to be abnormal, prompting him in taking them and Susan into Doctor Saxon. A peculiarity of the work of Susan caused Beam and the Doctors Saxon to order that she’ll be detained for some observation. Harry uncovered the evidence suggesting that anyone was pulling the “con job” over Susan, but he disappeared after promising Susan that he will straighten things out. Jack, then fall asleep in the car when waiting for Susan, entered a hospital to search for her, and had been lured to the empty hospital area by a killer, who beckoned him. Behind the curtain, Jack locates the body of one of those nurses before the murderer decapitated him with the electric orthopedic saw.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is really odd, over-the-top when at times, a downright crazy slasher of the young woman who saw her best friend killed after they mock a boy that left her a card for Valentine’s Day.

The movie is a really poor movie that had lots of unintentional laughable moments that you’ll help but have fun with it. The movie has all the sorts of silly sequences, that are downright silly in sometimes and what is worse is how all things gets drawn out into a point where you’ll just get tired when you watch it. There are merely ways too many series where the scenes keep coming when they should have been shorter. A little bit more editing likely would have created the movie much more entertaining. Some things here are good and it includes the gore. This movie has the largest amount of blood red image, particularly for this movie era when most had been cut up. One more memorable thing is their “performance” as the murderer because it is just over-the-top and crazy that you cannot help but laugh for some time. Still, the oddness of a character certainly will make you remember him. The other performances are surely below par however, they add some of the funnier sides in the movie.

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