Circle Line, 2023

This film is a Singaporean movie. It is owed as the first present-day creature feature in Singapore and under the production of Taipan Films and with Mm2 Entertainment, and under the direction by JD Chua.

The movie is a Singaporean venture developed by Taipan Films and then jointly produced with the mm2 Entertainment. It features a mainly Singaporean as one cast, where the production had accessed to the train stations, the actual trains, and train depot being operated by the Rapid KL. The number of movies sets had been built specially for this movie also, including train tunnels, caverns and sewers, control rooms, at sound stages in Iskandar Malaysia Studios at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The Lead designs, visual effects and pre-visualization were undertaken in Singapore by the Omens Studios, while the final post-production had been completed at Kantana Post located in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Cast Lists

Jesseca Liu performed as Yi Ling

Nathaniel Ng performed as Lucas, the son of Yi Ling

Ashley Seow performed as Janice

Peter Yu performed as Bo Seng

Patrick Pei-hsu Lee performed as Ah Nam

Johnny Ng performed as Uncle Choo

Alan Tan performed as Heng

Andie Chen performed as Calvin

Story Outline

In the Southeast Asian city, there is an error in the automated systems of the subway that causes the final train for that evening to turn off-course into the series of abandoned, old tunnels. Among their passengers was the single mother who is still traumatized by the passing of her husband from an accident, with her young son plus the estranged teen daughter of the chief engineer of the subway. Finding out that the signal of the train had been totally disappeared, the evening shifted of the system central command of the train mounts the rescue operation as the mysterious being that made its way home within those abandoned tunnels starts attacking the passengers.

Writer’s Observation

There were lots of outline holes that even that Swiss cheese would say “you gonna be kidding me!” Because how could a strange handles to live underground and hidden for 20 years? What’s it feasting upon through all those years? Why there were unlit subway tunnels that we so miraculously bright if they should had been pitch black, that leads to the main issue with “Circle Line”; an absolute lack of point to the outline. The storyline don’t have a focal point, and this just simply made non-sense.

If you are someone not well-traversed with the Singaporean cinema, then, you can say that the acting performance in the movie is just fair enough, taking to consideration the cast virtually don’t have anything to work with. This movie is a kind of film that invites you into fully shutting off all your brain activities and just lean your back while being seated. Visually, it can be said that “Circle Line” has been good enough. The creature design had been good and it appeared realistic. Sure, it really made no sense at all how it handled to survive for last twenty years without food source at all.

The movie was only a mildly entertained one and it can be said that the movie most certainly doesn’t encourage any second viewing, particularly since there was no enough contents in the storyline that will support the initial viewing. The actors acting is really not that good and the story line can be seen with much promise, but whoever their director is, it freaking ruined it.

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