Infinity Pool, 2023

This is a science fiction horror movie that is directed and written by Brandon Cronenberg. This film follows the struggling writer together with his wife that is on vacation, that who, after the accident, discovered the dark culture of the country.

The Cast Lists

Alexander Skarsgård performed as James Foster

Amanda Brugel performed as Jennifer

Mia Goth performed as Gabi Bauer

Jeffrey Ricketts performed as Charles

Jalil Lespert performed as Alban Bauer

Cleopatra Coleman performed as Em Foster

Caroline Boulton performed as Bex

Thomas Kretschmann performed as Detective Thresh

John Ralston performed as the Dr. Bob Modan

Story Outline

The novelist James Foster together with Em, his wife spends time at the resort in a fictional seaside state of Li Tolqa, wherein the local festival had been underway. The chronic marital strife of the couple is worsen when Gabi, the fan of the novel James had published, invited them to spend some quality time with the husband Alban and with her. The four have their dinner and spend their next day driving at the countryside, although they had been warned that the tourists are to stay at the grounds of the resort at all times.

While at a beach, James urinated behind the tree, Gabi suddenly grabbed him from the back and gave him a handjob. Right after the longer day of cooking and sunbathing, the tourists drunkenly drove back to the hotel. On their way, James accidentally hits the local man and killed him. Gabi insisted that they can’t call the police since the state is corrupt and they’ll not be safe.

In the following day, James was arrested and was told that the fine for the crime is demise at the custody of the firstborn son of the victim. However, the state has an exclusive system of fairness whereby the accountable for the hefty fee, may be cloned and had their duplicated killed in the place. James, who married to money, pays a fee to escape the execution. But, as a piece of the deal, James must watch over the execution of the clone. While Em was horrified by the whole affair and wanted to leave right away, James is titillated through the spectacle and does not share her need. He discovered that his passport had been missing but encouraged Em to go back to the US.

Writer’s Observation

The movie begins with a good idea and went absolutely nothing. It could be something intriguing and interesting with issues and moral questions to discuss about. Instead, the movie was packed of a lot of what ifs, gratuitous scenes and obnoxious performances that served no purpose at all. You may keep checking the role time to witness how more affected drivel a viewer had to sit by. Good idea, but awful execution, there are things that one need to skip and just die.

This movie totally missed its mark. It attempted so hard to become abstract and bizarre but ended up being annoying and pretentious. Honestly, some people like this movie and I cannot think of any reason why they would like this film. How this movie has a rating over 6 stars is really beyond my expectation. This is absolutely not a film that can be recommended to torture oneself by sitting through it.

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