Locked In, 2023

This is a psychological thriller movie of director Nour Wazzi and with the writer Rowan Joffé. It was out on November 1, 2023 on the streaming service Netflix.

The Cast Lists

Famke Janssen performed as Katherine

Anna Friel performed as nurse Mackenzie

Rose Williams performed as Lina

Alex Hassell performed as Doctor Robert Lawrence

Finn Cole performed as Jamie

Story Outline

The former TV star Katherine, wakes up in the hospital after the severe accident that had left her with the locked-in syndrome, wherein she is was totally paralyzed and can’t communicate. The nurse named Nicky starts to do the work with Katherine, and try to assist her regain her bodily control and Nicky look for some information regarding Katherine from Lina, Jamie, the wife of the step-son of Katherine.

Katherine’s husband was really a wealthy man and left almost everything to Jamie after his passing. Jamie longed for love and care of Katherine, but she was usually preoccupied with the resentment over the disinheritance. Lina took the responsibility for Jamie, become the primary caregiver, and formed the close connection with him. Jamie and Lina married, but Katherine had been bitter that Lina inherited the family estates through marrying Jamie.

The family doctor, Dr. Robert Lawrence, become involved in the lives and then forms a romantic connection with Lina. But, the ulterior motive of Robert is hoping to become heir of the property. He prescribed Jamie painkillers that cause his health to get worse. Robert persuaded Jamie to seize the boat ride with Lina and him. Over the water, Robert intentionally capsized the boat, held Jamie under the water until he drowned, then Lina attempted to rescue him however, she failed.

Following the funeral of Jamie, Robert pressured Lina to finally sell the mansion; however, she resisted and finally realized his real intentions. Robert revealed that he has the journal of Lina, wherein she had fantasize about killing Jamie, then, insinuates that she could be liable for his death. Right after Lina discovered that Katherine and Robert had been having their affair she chose to leave. Robert chased her, whereas Katherine intervenes attempting to defend Lina, but Robert beats Katherine with his auto.

Writer’s Observation

The writer must be “Locked Up” in line of writing a story that’s so boring and predictable and it was the paint by the numbers movie production. It has a ridiculous story that felt like lots of very old drama tales minus much drama! The accent of Anna Friels was totally false and she used an accent that is cringe and not realistic and so why the writers would like her to talk that way!

This movie is okay to watch if it is free because it is generically the recent Gothic story. Part of the problem also is that the major character is the younger orphaned girl and the movement into this kin and the plot machinations. She’s not really that interesting of her character. And also the narrow concentrates that the movie takes toward her shutting out the other casts from being capable to give much richness into the story.

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