Bodies Bodies Bodies, 2022

This is an American black horror and comedy movie of director Halina Reijn as her English-language directorial debut film.

Cast Lists

Amandla Stenberg acted as Sophie

Chase Sui Wonders acted as Emma

Pete Davidson acted as David

Conner O’Malley acted as Max

Rachel Sennott acted as Alice

Maria Bakalova acted as Bee

Myha’la Herrold acted as Jordan

Lee Pace acted as Greg


Bee, the working-class young lady from Eastern Europe, travelled with Sophie, her wealthy girlfriend to the “hurricane party” at the mansion owned by David’s family, a friend of Sophie. Other guests include Emma, the actress girlfriend of David, podcaster Alice, Greg, the much-older new lover of Alice, and the enigmatic Jordan. Max, the other guest, leave already he had an attack with David the evening before Bee and Sophie arrived.

After drinking, dancing, using drugs, the group chose to play and enjoy “Bodies Bodies Bodies”, the killing in the dim-style game. Greg went to bed early because of multiple altercations all throughout the play with David, who leaves also soon after another argument with Emma. Since the storm is getting worse, the power went out and the ladies scramble to find the power source. After minutes, Bee saw David outside with a slashed throat, the blood-stained kukri close by. Without reception and being panicked, the group attempts to go out for some help in the car of Sophie, but find the battery dead. The crowd discovered Greg has the go bag with the knife and the map of the place and became suspicious of him. Then, they confronted Greg, who returned their hostility. After the fight, Bee beat him to his death with the kettle bell for self defense.

The crowd doubted that Greg was then the killer and Emma theorized that Max, who confessed feelings over her the evening before, returned to slay David. Sophie, the sober addict, relapsed. Emma kisses her, and to Sophie’s confusion, just before accepting the drugs. Alice then later finds that Emma is dead from the head wound at their stairs’ bottom and believed the crowd is being slays one by one. Alice and Jordan cast suspicion over Bee, revealed that no one together with her name had on record of having finished her college; they casted Bee out in the hurricane.

Writer’s Opinion

There are lots of people that are using the word “boring” when it literally cannot be used for describing the movie. The movie is simple and dumb, but not boring. It is one typical popcorn horror movie to watch and have fun with your friends. The question of “who did it” comes in full effect while everybody contributed in their own means. The movie does not take itself that serious and make fun of the social tropes. If this is not your thing, it is understandable, but it is not boring.

The rate is pretty good, it is very intense and will keep your attention and the cast acting performances are really solid. You will surely have a good laugh for many times which will say a lot considering for those people that will not like comedy horror movies. The aspects that you will like here is its self awareness and being genuinely not being aware of who did it all through midway. The movie is recommended to watch for the Halloween time with your group of friends, then, get afraid all together.

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