The Requin, 2022

This is an American thriller horror movie directed by Le-Van Kiet. Being stranded at the sea right after the massive tropical storm, the woman and her husband who is injured fight for survival since the great white sharks are enclosing them below.

Cast Lists

James Tupper acted as Kyle

Danny Chung acted as Fisherman

Kha Mai acted as Tour Guide

Alicia Silverstone acted as Jaelyn

Deirdre O’Connell acted as Anne

Jennifer Mudge acted as Lizzie


Jaelyn and Kyle, her husband, were spending the holiday at the beach tourist retreat located in Vietnam, dwelled in the overwater bungalow. Jaelyn had been traumatized and partially withdrawn since she suffered the stillbirth during her homebirth, keeping her contact with the family and close friends mostly through the social media; their trip is intended to restore again her spirits. However, on the second night, there was a fierce tropical storm that hits the resort. Their bungalow was flooded and was torn off the moorings, wandering away from its mainland, and the leg of Kyle was seriously harmed.

As the days are passing by, Kyle and Jaelyn tried to take the stock of the situation and waited for the rescue. When the ship passed by, they attempted on making the smoke signal, however, the fire instead destroyed their house, force them to abandon the place and climb onto the floating piece of timber flooring. When they drifted, Kyle apologized to his Jaelyn for leaving her all by herself in dealing with her trauma, then they reconciled. Soon afterwards, a big white shark attacked their raft and then bites off the leg of Kyle, leaving him bleeding to death. That evening, the raft finally reached the beach; Jaelyn dragged the body of Kyle onto the sand, then, collapsed from exhaustion. When she woke up the next day, the tide had come in, and left Kyle floating over the water. Just before Jaelyn can recover him, some more sharks came and devour his body. When Jaelyn wades back to the shore, the shark attacked her and nibbled her leg just before she can take it off.

After recovering, she walks off along a coastline until she met the local fisherman that was in his coracle, and he stitches her wounds; and when she fell asleep, he went down to the water check his wall and was fatally attacked by a shark. As this shark assaulted the coracle, Jaelyn primarily drives it off through shredding the head with the handheld outboard engine. Angry, the shark returned and upends their coracle. As Jaelyn worriedly wrapped the anchor rope of the coracle around herself to halt her from sinking, a shark came in for one more attack, but the jaw of the shark accidentally close about a raised anchor of the boat, driving one of the flukes straight through the brain and killed it. Climbing onto an upside-down coracle, she drifted to the fishing village, where Jaelyn was soon spotted by the fishermen over the beach.

Writer’s Opinion

Seriously, if you wish to watch a really good shark movie, you can just re-watch Jaws. It is released in 1975, but this movie leaves it dead. Although in Jaws you can see the shark, but, it has a lot of suspense during the first five minutes than this film has in its entire 90 minutes film. When you wish to see a duo or a couple who is trying to survive the shark attack movie, then you can also opt to watch a low budget film but a more believable one, the Open Water.

The movie makers of this film just discovered a bit thing known as the Green Screen. They did not just over use it, but, they are not really aware of how they can use it.

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