Five Nights at Freddy’s, 2023

This American supernatural horror movie is based on the FNAF video game series or Five Nights at Freddy’s made by Scott Cawthon. This is under the direction of Emma Tammi, who also co-wrote its screenplay with Seth Cuddeback and Cawthon. Hutcherson plays the troubled security guard that starts the job at the abandoned pizzeria and at the family entertainment center, wherein he discovered the animatronic mascots had been possessed by the homicidal children.

The Cast Lists

Josh Hutcherson performed as Mike Schmidt, the struggling young man that took the job as a night guard of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

Piper Rubio performed as Abby, younger sister of Mike

Elizabeth Lail performed as Vanessa, the local police officer

Matthew Lillard performed as Steve Raglan and William Afton, career counselor of Mike

Mary Stuart Masterson performed as Aunt Jane, Abby and Mike’s aunt

Kat Conner Sterling performed as Max, babysitter Of Abby

David Lind performed as Jeff, the head of the juvenile gang and the brother of Max

Christian Stokes performed as Hank, one member from the gang of Jeff

Joseph Poliquin performed as Carl, one member from the gang of Jeff

Grant Feely performed as Ghost Kid (the Blonde Boy), a murdered kid whose soul haunted Golden Freddy

Asher Colton Spence performed as the Ghost Kid (With the Hook), the murdered kid whose soul haunted Foxy

David Huston Doty performed as the Ghost Kid (With the Bunny Ears), the killed child whose soul had been hunting Bonnie

Liam Hendrix performed as the Ghost Kid (With the Hat), the murdered kid whose soul haunted Freddy Fazbear

Jophielle Love performed as Ghost Kid (with the Blue-Eyed Girl), a murdered kid whose soul haunted Chica

Tadasay Young performed as Dr. Lillian

Lucas Grant performed as Garrett, younger brother of Mike who was kidnapped as a child

Theodus Crane performed as Jeremiah, previous co-worker of Mike

Matthew Patrick performed as Sparky Diner waiter

Cory Williams performed as a cabbie

The suit performers comprised:

Kevin Foster performed as Freddy Fazbear, a namesake brown bear animatronic’s of a restaurant

Jade Kindar-Martin performed as Bonnie, the indigo rabbit animatronic

Jessica Weiss performed as Chica, the yellow chicken animatronic.

Story Outline

Five Nights at Freddy's

At the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the abandoned pizzeria and the family entertainment hub that was once a very successful place, there is an evening security guard who attempted to flee from a building but was captured and had been strapped to the torture device that killed him.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Later that time, Mike Schmidt, the mall security guard was fired for assaulting the negligent father that he mistook for the kidnapper. Steve Raglan, Mike’s career counselor, offers him the job as an evening guard at Freddy’s. Although initially reluctant, Mike accepted after social services threatened to take the custody of Abby his younger sister and give her to Jane, their estranged aunt, who desires the monthly payments custody.

Five Nights at Freddy's

During his first evening on his job, Mike fell asleep and dreamt about the abducting of his younger brother, Garrett. He met five kids who witnessed the crime also, but then flee when he approached them. The next day, Jane hired the gang of vandals, and that includes Max, Abby’s babysitter, and is led through Jeff, Max’s brother, to vandalize the bistro to let Mike fired and then hasten Jane’s supervision of Abby. During the shift of Mike that night, he met Vanessa Shelly, a police officer, who explained that Freddy’s closed in the 1980s after the five children were killed there. The victims’ and the suspect’s bodies were never located. Once Mike’s shift ended and he left, these vandals break in, and the animatronic mascots of the restaurant—Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Mr. Cupcake, Chica, and Foxy—kill the entire crowd. Max’s disappearance forced Mike to take Abby along on the next shift, wherein Abby and Mike, the animatronics befriend discovered that the animatronics were possessed by those amnesiac ghosts of those missing kids, whose leader consistently mentioned the “yellow rabbit”.

Writer’s Observation

Now, personally, you cannot find here the actual concept of the FNAF all that are scary so it was not that scary watching it. The jump scares were really effective but did the movie ever make you feel uneasy? Not really, but then again, it is a personal preference for some and not for all. The cinematography, sound design, and the entire design for everything have been incredible. For the Americans who had probably wondering if they can take their kids with them, well that will be up to you.

This movie is not an overloaded with gory images, but there had been one or two instances where it is really brutal, so just remember that. The ending part “twist” is predictable. If you’re not aware of the lore, then it may catch you off. But if you are even slightly knowledgeable of it, you likely wouldn’t name it a twist. Overall, this movie is still recommended to watch if you want something spooky for the Halloween season.

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