Leave the World Behind, 2023

This is an American apocalyptic horror and psychological thriller movie of director and writer Sam Esmail. The movie is from the novel of Rumaan Alam on 2020. The film stars attempt to add up of the sequential fast breakdown in television, phones, and some other regularly used form of technology which point to the potential cataclysm.

The Cast Lists

Julia Roberts performed as Amanda Sandford

Mahershala Ali performed as G.H. Scott

Charlie Evans performed as Archie Sandford

Farrah Mackenzie performed as Rose Sandford Myha’la performed as Ruth Scott

Kevin Bacon performed as Danny

Vanessa Aspillaga performed as Salvadora

Ethan Hawke performed as Clay Sandford

Story Outline

Misanthrope Amanda Sandford arranged the impromptu weekend getaway in a vacation rental so they can spend quality time as one with Clay, her husband and the kids, Rose and Archie. While shopping for their groceries, Amanda saw the guy stocking up on bigger quantities of water and canned foods. Later, while their family relaxes in a close by beach, they evade the oil tanker that jogs ashore. When they go back to their house, they noticed the Wi-Fi and the TV are not working at all and the pair of deer is staring at them.

That evening, George H. Scott, the owner, and Ruth, his daughter, arrive at their house. Seeking a shield, G.H. explained that the blackout caused the return. Amanda was suspicious and does not want them to just stay. However, Clay trusted them and allows them to stay the night.

In the following morning, Rose was frustrated that the TV and their Wi-Fi are still down, and this has prevented her to watch finale series of Friends. Amanda noticed the four news alerts over her phone regarding the blackout, and the third one which is about the hackers, and the last one showed the corrupted messages. Rose saw the bigger herd of motionless deer in the backyard. Trying to discover about the disruption and fix their Wi-Fi, Clay drove to town whereas G.H. goes to their neighbor’s house. Clay abandoned the Spanish-speaking lady looking for some assistance and drives from the drone dropping the Arabic leaflets, while G.H. looked for the house of the neighbor, discovered the wreckage of the airplane crash at the nearby beach, then narrowly avoided the next one.

Leave the world behind

Elsewhere, Rose stroll along with Archie at the nearby woods, wherein they come crossways the empty shed, and then Archie removes the tick from his own ankle on their way back home. Returning to their house, G.H. confided to Amanda about the events he saw. He theorized that the nationwide satellite connectivity had been disrupted, but he’s cut off by the shrill, loud noise. Amanda recalled the man stockpiling the supplies that G.H. assumed is his contractor Danny. Clay returned shaken with the leaflet that Archie partially translated as the “Death to America”. Being fed up, these Sandfords flee the rents, intending to drive to New Jersey to Amanda’s sister, but discovers the highway jammed together with the collided Teslas that are self-driving; they narrowly avoided more incoming vehicles, and they were forced to go back to the house of G.H.

Writer’s Observation

The movie started out with so many promises for a tense and thoughtful thriller. But unfortunately it did not come to pass. The ending did not make up for what we were required to digest during the hour and the half time of watching it. The acting was not even terrific and the direction had been on and off, with some good moments but there had been lots of close-ups of faces wordlessly, looking!

Bless all of them for attempting, but it is not just good enough. You will be pretty intrigued while watching this movie. This had been some kind of apocalyptic alien. This is an invasion kind of thriller. It is pleasantly surprising that the family who is typical in the movie was not some kind of spoiled brat, whiny dysfunctional group. After watching the movie until 3/4 way through it, there was totally no advancement on its plot. You may chalk this up into some creative licenses or somebody was trying to be comic about and not really telling what the full plot is and this movie just ended with totally nothing to continue on to watch for. None of the cast arcs were fulfilled.

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