Resident Evil: Death Island, 2023

This English-Language Japanese film of adult computer-animated and action biopunk horror movie set in the similar universe as Resident Evil video game. This is the 5th installment and the 4th movie in the animated series of Resident Evil.

The Cast Lists

Nicole Tompkins performed as Jill Valentine

Cristina Vee performed as Maria Gomez

Kevin Dorman performed as Chris Redfield

Matthew Mercer performed as Leon S. Kennedy

Stephanie Panisello performed as Claire Redfield

Frank Todaro performed as Antonio Taylor

Erin Cahill performed as Rebecca Chambers

Lucien Dodge performed as JJ

Daman Mills performed as Dylan Blake

Salli Saffioti performed as Ingrid Hunnigan

Story Outline

As Raccoon City incident starts in 1998, the Umbrella Corporation hired the private military firm that will help evacuate the high-ranking government officials and Umbrella executives. The firm deployed Unit 6; however, the majority had been bitten by zombies. The surviving members Dylan Blake and JJ contact the headquarters to seek medical assistance and extraction. However, they were instructed to quarantine then ultimately eliminate the fellow comrades. The directive left JJ in disbelief that sparks intense anger towards Dylan. The pair argued until the infected armies attack them and then bitten JJ. The disheartened Dylan subsequently killed him.

After seventeen years in San Francisco, California, in 2015, the FOS, Field Operations Support agent Ingrid Hunnigan tasked the Division of Security Operation or the DSO agent Leon Kennedy with taking the DARPA researcher and the robotics engineer Dr. Antonio Taylor in custody for selling the classified data to foreign powers. While on briefing Leon discovers that Taylor was last spotted being kidnapped by the unknown crowd when being hunted by the SanFo Police Department of S.W.A.T. team of the team drives by him. Then, Leon attempted to intercept the abductors, but has been thwarted by Ma. Gomez the criminal who endure the last encounter during the previous year, and in the meantime, the BSAA or Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliances advisor Rebecca Chambers informed Agent Chris Redfield about the twelve cases wherein the people had died right after being oddly infected by the advanced strain of that T-virus and had been discovered with needle marks over their bodies. Chris visited Jill Valentine, his partner, hoping to halt her from taking responsibility in the operation because of the time under Mr. Albert Wesker’s mind management and subsequent issues with mental health, but she refused.

Jill and Chris meet with Claire Redfield and Rebecca to discuss the findings, and during which Claire revealed the discovery of the orca infected with that similar T-virus strain like the victims from the case swimming of Chris close by the Greater Farallones of National Marine Sanctuary, that had happened also to some missing whales. Finding that all human beings become victims had stop Alcatraz Island just before they died, the Redfields and Jill traveled there posing of being tourists, but get divided amidst the zombie outbreak. Whereas exploring the gutters, Jill encountered Leon and joined in fending off the new figure of Lickers before finally reaching the armory, wherein they discovered blueprints for the mosquito-like drones being used to infect the people with viruses, before they’re captured by Dylan then being thrown into the prison cell with the Redfields and Taylor. Believing there’s no justice in this world, Dylan used the drones so he can infect Leon and the Redfields, sparing Jill so that she can witness that her friends will die just like how he had been forced to watch the team die at Raccoon City.

Writer’s Observation

The storyline of the movie was straight forward and simplistic, and thus it will require zero interaction from its viewers. You will just lean back and then watch the actors take on another outbreak of the T-virus infected. And so it has been pretty much one copy-paste job coming from the previous and numerous CGI films in the franchise.

The storyline was not refreshing or not overly innovative and it is pretty shallow. The movie really suffers from that. Let us not just venture deeper in the plot holes and the questionable things that happened to be just there to further its narrative, like the plasma rifle, the conveniently situated rocket launchers, and what not. However, visually, the movie was quite good and the CGI had been pretty good. Of course you must have some of the massive mutation that this gang comes from face to face and it can be said that the mutation here was pretty laughable. The movie is just one more notch of the franchises of “Resident Evil” belt, although not as awful as its awful Netflix series.

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