Nope, 2022

The film is an American science fiction, horror neo-Western movie directed, co-produced and written by Jordan Peele from his Monkey Paw Production banner.

Cast Lists

Daniel Kaluuya acted as Otis Haywood Jr., “OJ”

Keke Palmer acted as Emerald Haywood, “Em”

Steven Yeun acted as Ricky Park, “Jupe”

Haley Babula acted as the adult Mary Jo Elliott

Jacob Kim acted as the young Ricky Park, “Jupe”

Wrenn Schmidt acted as Amber Park, wife of Jupe

Michael Wincott acted as Antlers Holst, the renowned cinematographer

Sophia Coto acted as Mary Jo Elliott, the one that played Haley Houston on the Home of Gordy

Keith David acted as Otis Haywood Sr., an owner of Hollywood Horses Ranch of Haywood

Barbie Ferreira acted as Nessie, co-worker of Angel at Fry

Devon Graye acted as Ryder Muybridge, the paparazzi who rides the electric bike

Eddie Jemison acted as Buster, the crew member in a commercial

Jennifer Lafleur acted as Phyllis Mayberry, the one that played Margaret Houston at the Home of Gordy

Donna Mills acted as Bonnie Clayton, the commercial actress

Terry Notary acted as Gordy, the chimpanzee and the star of a sitcom Gordy’s Home

Brandon Perea acted as Angel Torres, the tech salesman at the Fry’s Electronics

Osgood Perkins acted as Fynn Bachman, the commercial director

Andrew Patrick Ralston acted as Tom Bogan, that one that played Brett Houston at the Home of Gordy


In 1998, while filming the episode of a sitcom Gordy’s Home, a titular ape apparently went berserk after seeing a balloon pop. Most of the members were murdered except for the little Ricky “Jupe” Park that hides under the table and saw the killings firsthand. With a tablecloth preventing the eye contact, Gordy attempted on giving Jupe a signature fist-bump over a show, before its former was shot and murdered by the police.

During the present-day of Agua Dulce, a Haywood clan trained and handled horses for the TV and movie productions. A day, objects start to fall from its sky at the ranch, and then Otis Haywood Sr. was killed by the falling coin that they assume to have fell out of the airplane. His kids Otis Jr. and Em inherited the ranch. In keeping the industry afloat, OJ was selling some of his horses to the now big Jupe, who operated the nearby Western amusement park named as Jupiter’s Claim. In the park, Jupe reveals to OJ and Em that he monetarily exploited the home incident of Gordy, while not saying that it is an attempt to hide the unresolved trauma.

One evening, when talking the impact of their father on them, these Haywoods noticed the electricity fluctuating and the horses vanishes and violently reacting with the unknown presence. They located the UFO shaped like the flying saucer that was taking their horses, spitting out that inorganic matter that OJ surmises to cause the death of their father. Motivated by the desire to rescue the ranch through selling footage of the UFO, then get famous, these siblings decided to document proof of the existence of UFO. They recruited Angel Torres, the Fry’s Electronics staff to set up the surveillance cameras. The electrical interference from this UFO and the mantis over one of those cameras, preventing them from having the clear footage, after one more encounter with these UFOs, Angel discovered that they were recorded a cloud which seemed to be not moving for the last 6 months. OJ theorized that this UFO they encountered was not actually a ship, based on the flight pattern and irregular movement.

Writer’s Opinion

The amount of those reviews calling this terrible and pointless clearly did not read that much into what really happened here. Really, this is not a typical terrifying film. It is more of that Spielbergian blockbuster spoof with some amusing instances sprinkled throughout. This “entity” is very creative and will be quite horrifying. The cinematography is a top notch and possibly its standout feature of a movie, while Kaluuya will say a huge amount without speaking a word. Its screenplay is strange to say the slightest, but it really hits more than this misses.

While you think this one as a lesser movie than the other films and it really ran a bit longer, you have to praise its originality in the summer sea of the IP-based movies. Peele attempted something unique and profound here, which must be respected despite of the thoughts on the movie.

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