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This is a slasher movie that is produced, edited, written, and directed by Ti West. Maxine is a pretty young woman and their major protagonist and Pearl was an old woman and the major antagonist. The movie followed the cast and crew that gathered to make the pornographic movie of the rural Texas property of an elderly couple, but find them afraid of the unlikely killer.

Cast Lists

Mia Goth acted as Maxine Minx “Max”/Pearl

Martin Henderson acted as Wayne Gilroy

Scott Mescudi acted as Jackson Hole

Stephen Ure acted as Howard

James Gaylyn acted as Sheriff Dentler

Jenna Ortega acted as Lorraine Day “Raine”

Brittany Snow acted being Bobby-Lynne Parker

Owen Campbell acted as RJ Nichols


During the year 1979, Maxine Minx, the aspiring pornographic actress embarked on the road trip from Texas with the boyfriend, producer Wayne Gilroy, fellow stars Jackson Hole and Bobby-Lynne Parker, RJ Nichols, an amateur director and Lorraine Day, RJ’s girlfriend, to shoot the adult film for a booming theatrical pornography advertisement. Jackson and Bobby-Lynne strike up the romance, whereas Lorraine was unimpressed with the content of the film, and RJ attempted to make it appear like a real cinematic piece.

The team arrived at the Howard and Pearl’s farm, an old couple in whoever guest house a group intended for photo shoot a movie The Farmer’s Daughters. Then, Howard was temperamental towards this group, brandishing the shotgun whereas Pearl silently stalked Maxine. As picturing commences without the knowledge of Howard, Maxine was invited inside the house of couple by Pearl, wherein they had the talking. Pearl lamented her age, expressing jealousy for the youth of Maxine, and making a sexual advances towards her. She then watched Maxine had sex with Jackson then get aroused. Pearl pleaded with Howard that they also made love, but he refused, claiming that his heart is weak.

Evening falls, and the movie crew relaxed in the guesthouse. Then, Lorraine, who was keen to cast off her reputation as the prude and intrigued by the movie, was asked to take part in the shooting. RJ was immediately opposed to the idea and then accused the team of placing her up into it, although they assured him that they didn’t and that the choice of Lorraine to be in this movie fell on her alone, despite of his feelings. Then RJ films the scenario of Jackson and Lorraine having sex. Upset with the alterations in the script, then was also shocked by the unfaithfulness of Lorraine, RJ prepares to leave these crews being stranded on a farm while they’re sleeping, but he was stopped by Pearl, that tried to seduce him. But then he rebuffs her and she stabbed him to death. Wayne and Lorraine noticed RJ was missing and went out to search for him. While he was searching the store, Pearl tricked and stabbed Wayne in his eyes with the pitchfork. Lorraine was invited into the house of the couple by Howard, who claimed that Pearl was missing and asked Lorraine to recover the flashlight from that basement. When Lorraine attempted to leave that basement, she discovered that she was locked in. After opening the light, she discovered the rigid body of the male sex slaved hanged from the ceiling.

Writer’s Opinion

Initially, you will have a high expectation for this movie, but after watching it, surely, you will not understand all those hypes. The movie is just not very clever, slow, and a predictable horror movie that’s not even that terrifying at all and just the unrealistic portrayal of the mayhem just based on sex.

But, somehow, it is a nice old-fashioned slasher horror-flick that has a fairly original premised. As in any equal horror movie, the killings motives are pretty unlikely, but who cares anyway, when they’re relentlessly featured, the gore here is not for those tender-hearted. Another solid point is how this film very gradually build-up the tension. It is an actual slow burner and the worry of looming doom has been palpable throughout the film. This is helped through the strong direction, inventive editing, some great photography, a very clever see for instances scenes of one of those girls swimming at the lake. It’s hair-raisingly and a bit beautiful, scary film also.

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