Bird Box Barcelona, 2023

The film is a post-apocalyptic thriller and horror movie under the director and writer David and Álex Pastor. This is the spin-off sequel of the Bird Box film in 2018, adapted from the novel of Josh Malerman’s in of similar name.

The Cast Lists

Mario Casas performed as Sebastián

Diego Calva performed as Octavio

Gonzalo de Castro performed as Roberto

Celia Freijeiro performed as Laura

Naila Schuberth performed as Sofia

Michelle Jenner performed as Liliana

Georgina Campbell performed as Claire

Patrick Criado performed as Rafa

Lola Dueñas performed as Isabel

Alejandra Howard performed as Anna

Leonardo Sbaraglia performed as Padre Esteban

Story Outline

The world is overwhelmed by the odd entities that will manipulate the negative emotions of people, turning some to “seers” but leading lots of people to do suicide once they had seen the entity. The usual prevention method is to wear a blindfold while outdoors. In Spain, in Barcelona, Sebastián and Anna, his daughter travel together. Then one day Sebastián encountered the team of survivors, and claimed he knows the area of generators that will give heating and light. Sebastián joined the rest in their shelter in the bus hangar. The following morning, with everybody asleep inside the bus, Sebastián drives outside and crashed it. Everybody was left without blindfolds; Then Sebastián gradually leads each to unlock their eyes, and then upon seeing the entities they committed suicide. Sebastián was revealed as a seer, and was therefore unaffected. Anna congratulated Sebastián on having “rescued” the people, obliging him to look for the other said “lost sheep”.


Prior to nine months early, the coming of the entities provoked the people to flee. Then Sebastián retrieved Anna and lost his wife due to a vehicle accident. They discovered refuge in the church and encountered Padre Esteban, the pastor that opined that those entities are angels, that humanity must be liberated from misery by embracing death. Anna and Sebastián attempted to hide but then one day the group of seers headed by Padre discovered the hiding place and then captured them. He obliged Anna to gradually open her eyes while killing her. Then Sebastián faced the entities, and instead of demise he saw an apparition of Anna, that has accompanied him since then. Anna told him that he will join his family when he has “rescued” enough people from the Earth.

Sebastián encountered another crowd led by Rafa that has two dogs. The others in the crowd include Octavio, the Mexican delivery guy with an expertise in physics; Isabel and Roberto, a couple; Claire, the English psychiatrist; and then Sofia, the young German girl who had been separated from her mom. Octavio theorized that the entities were quantum beings that identify humans’ grief and fears. Sofia shares data about Montjuïc Castle, and believed to be the safe refuge which will be reached by the gondola lift. The team embarked on the quest to attain the Castle.

Writer’s Observation

There’s nobody to root for in the movie. There’s no real protagnoist and then you spend watching the movie with random characters appeared on the screen and then die. The acting is astonishingly good. The storyline does not really explain the real plot, with the story being the borderline criminal.

Overall, the movie is well acted, but it is lacking the spark so it can be interesting. There are some highlights, but the main plot is rather plodding that it lacks the tension which must maintain the viewer engagement. The sets had been placed together and Barcelona had been convincingly transformed to a post-apocalyptic dusk of itself. The shortage of plot elements that will maintain the pace outcomes in this being one Boredbox rather than a Birdbox, just the shadow of the seizing the original, Still, the original Birdbox is admirable and enjoyable to watch.

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