Renfield, 2023

The film is an American action horror and comedy movie that is produced and directed by Chris McKay, with the writer Ryan Ridley from the tale of Robert Kirkman that also serve-up as the movie producer. It is inspired by the characters from the novel Dracula of 1897 by Bram Stoker.

The Cast Lists

Nicholas Hoult performed as Renfield, the distress servant of Dracula

Nicolas Cage performed as Dracula, Renfield’s narcissistic and ill-tempered master and also a legendary Transylvanian vampire

Awkwafina performed as Rebecca, the aggressive traffic cop that worked for the NOPD.

Shohreh Aghdashloo performed as Bellafrancesca Lobo, Tedward’s mother and the matriarch of Lobo family

James Moses Black performed as Captain Browning, the corrupt boss of Rebecca

Camille Chen performed as Kate, Rebecca’s sister and an FBI agent

Miles Doleac performed as the vampire hunter that fall as victim to Dracula

Brandon Scott Jones performed as Mark, the support group leader

Jenna Kanell performed as Carol, the support group member

Adrian Martinez performed as Chris, the traffic cop and the co-worker of Rebecca

Bess Rous performed as Caitlyn, the support group member

William Ragsdale performed as the priest slayed by Dracula during the failed attempt to destroyed him

Ben Schwartz performed as Tedward Lobo, Bellafrancesca’s son and the cowardly mob enforcer

Caroline Williams performed as Vanessa

Helen Chandler performed as Mina Seward

Edward Van Sloan performed as Van Helsing

Story Outline

During the early twentieth century, the vampire Count Dracula of Transylvanian met R.M. Renfield, the English lawyer. Renfield had hopes to broker the land deal, and right after proving of being the useful assistant, he ended up becoming familiar to Dracula, which granted him super strength, speed, and immortality when he consumed bugs.

After ninety years, Renfield had grown weary of taking victims to Dracula and also the latter’s abuse. Then they recently had the close call with the vampire hunters who nearly killed the count, and so the duo transferred to New Orleans so they can recover. There, Renfield discovered the 12-step self-assistance group for individuals in codependent dealings. He tracks down a group member’s abusive lover so he can hand over to Dracula without the feeling of remorse, but they’re attacked by the assassin hired by a rival Lobo crime kin, whom Renfield killed.

Teddy Lobo, the assassin’s boss drive-off and runs to the sobriety checkpoint that’s being run by Rebecca Quincy, a police officer who arrested Teddy. At a police station, Teddy was released from the custody, while Rebecca had the confrontation with Kate, her sister, the FBI agent. Dracula told Renfield that a criminal he has brought to be his food are not sufficient and that a vampire desires for blood of the purest. Renfield went to a restaurant sp je can kidnap commoners while Rebecca was led there also by clues from that crime scene. These two had been caught in their attack on the life of Rebecca that Teddy had been pressured to making. Instead, Rebecca and Renfield defend themselves, killing some of the gang members, and then leading Teddy to flee.

Writer’s Observation

This movie had every great thing going to be an amazingly fun popcorn flick and entertaining. The comedy was spotted on, the gore outcomes were all extreme and nice, and all the performances and the casting were excellent, particularly Cage, who was the best for the role. The chemistry and character with Awkwafina had been a good compliment to the character of Nicholas Hoult. But the great part of the movie was the great twist to the over-done vampire/Dracula genre. It had been a unique and a refreshing twist on the story.

All in all the top messy fun with gratuitous violence and buckets of blood and both Hoult as Renfield Cage as Dracula have an authentic master and servant relationship with superb excellent acting. The plot was not as special as this could be, but it is still nice and its moral message had been well delivered and woven between the frequent rapid paced action scenes. It has great special effects, use of music, and makeup but at times, there is a little mish-mash and there was not that much comedy to expect.

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