Sewu Dino, 2023

The film is an Indonesian horror movie of director Kimo Stamboel from Simpleman, the viral Twitter thread with similar name. The plot followed, Sri the young woman who accepted the generous job offer, then was tasked to perform the cleansing ritual for the Dela Atmojo, the unconscious girl that is suffering from hex of 1000 days. Their terror starts when her coworker neglected to finish a ritual. Failing to execute up to 1000th day can result in their downfall.

The Cast Lists

Mikha Tambayong performed as Sri

Agla Artalidia performed as Dini

Givina Lukita Dewi performed as Erna

Gisellma Firmansyah performed as Della Atmodjo

Ayez Kassar performed as Jatmiko

Dayinta Melira performed as Sengarturih

Maryam Supraba performed as Minah

Pritt Timothy performed as Mbah Tamin

Rantya Affandy performed as Ratih

Rio Dewanto performed as Sugik

Delia Husein performed as Jum

Marthino Lio performed as Sabdo Kuncoro

Karina Ranau performed as Lydia

Karina Suwandi performed as Karsa Atmodjo

Story Outline

Sewu Dino

In the middle of economic struggles, Sri was accepted to work to the family of Atmojo for a high salary, because she is someone unique: she has been born on the Friday Kliwon. As one with Dini and Erna, they were taken to the hidden hut at the core of the jungle. At the hut, Sri, Dini and Erna were tasked with bathing Dela Atmojo, Karsa Atmojo granddaughter, who is unconscious since of Sewu Dino’s witchcraft curse. They will not run from a hut since they are bound through the mystical arrangement with Karsa Atmojo, then they must complete this ritual until that 1000th day. When they break it, downfall is waiting for them.

Writer’s Observation

The movie is an amazing and interesting one. Indonesian movie has the updated major quality, particularly in horror genre. The visual and the cinematic effect is really nice, adapted story taken from Twitter, it wrapped really nice in the movie adaptation. Different setting place, local actresses and actors, it feels it there. The link and the blending to the culture and the home, there are some horrifying sinister culture, black magic and also an atmospheric horror.

This film is a revolutionary to the movie industry of Indonesia, adapted from the real-story situation, and possibly, personally one of their scariest movie since the Insidious of 2010. The plot of the movie has a greater build-up which made tension that had the viewers at the edges of their seats. The movie greatly portrayed how Indonesia is being such a mythical state, accompanied with the Indonesian instrument background sound effects and music that was created very discomforting and disturbing.

The atmosphere and the setting are both well done. Also, the cinematography took one to a diverse atmosphere all together. The performance of all the three ladies and the one who was possessed by the devil spirit was also good. But, the CGI is not perfect, although the screenplay and the plot are done well. This movie had its jump scares. There are instances in the movie that it became creepy at times and something like an insidious concept. The movie is a little bit slow paced; however, it is gripping from beginning to its end.

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