Smile, 2022

This is an American psychological horror movie of director and writer Parker Finn as the featured directorial debut, from the 2020 short movie. It is about a therapist named as Rose Cotter, who, that after witnessing an odd suicide of the patient, went through increasingly daunting and disturbing experiences, heading her to consider what she is encountering is supernatural.

Cast Lists

Meghan Brown Pratt acted as the ten year-old Rose

Sosie Bacon acted as Dr. Rose Cotter, the psychiatrist

Kyle Gallner acted as Joel, ex-boyfriend of Rose

Sara Kapner acted as Stephanie

Dora Kiss acted as Rose and mother of Holly that died from drug overdose

Kevin Keppy acted as Nightmare Mom, an entity in the shape of Rose and in Holly’s mother

Rob Morgan acted as Robert Talley, a person in prison

Marti Matulis acted as Smile Entity, the evil being that feed-off of the trauma

Kal Penn acted as Rose’s boss, Dr. Morgan Desai

Judy Reyes acted as Victoria Muñoz, the wife of Gabriel, who lost her partner

Caitlin Stasey acted as Laura Weaver, the PHD student

Jack Sochet acted as Carl Renken, the mentally unstable patient

Jessie T. Usher acted as Trevor, fiancé of Rose

Robin Weigert acted as Rose’s therapist, Dr. Madeline Northcott

Gillian Zinser acted as Holly Cotter, the older sister of Rose

Nick Arapoglou acted as Greg, the husband of Holly


At the psychiatric ward, Dr. Rose Cotter, the therapist met with Laura Weaver, the graduate student who observed her art history teacher died of suicide several days prior. Laura claimed that an entity took the form of cheering people had been terrorized her and had told her that she’s going to die. Thereafter, Laura stumbled to the flooring and starts screaming. After Rose called for help, she saw Laura standing up with a smile. With the shard of the broken vase, Laura killed herself through slitting her throat. Then, later Rose saw her weird patient Carl smiling then shouting that she is going to die. Then, Rose called for the nurses to restrain him, just to see that he was sleeping the entire time. Concerned about the mental well-being of Rose, Dr. Morgan Desai, her supervisor gave her the week off.

During the following days, a hallucination keep on, making Rose seemed unhinged and risky for the people around her, with Trevor, her fiancé and Holly her sister. At the birthday party of her nephew, Rose’s gift was replaced by the dead cat, horrifying kids. She saw the party attendant smiling at her and fell onto the glass table, ending a party in chaos. Then, she visited Dr. Madeline Northcott, her former therapist, who suggested that her issues stem from her mentally ill and abusive mother that died passing from an overdose that she witnessed from being a child. Rose starts to suspect that she had been a pest by some kind of supernatural entity, however, was unable to take Trevor to believe in her.

Upon discovering the professor of Laura was grinning at her before his passing, Rose visited his widow Victoria then learns that he became increasingly not stable after witnessing the woman died of suicide several days before his death. Rose asked Joel, her ex-boyfriend, a police detective, if he can go through the police records. They saw some cases where somebody witnessed a suicide, a few days past, died of suicide while fronting somebody else, who keep the pattern.

Writer’s Opinion

Bacon, who played the incompetent therapist that mutter platitudes and then stands about doing accurately nothing while the bad things are happening to her patients. None of the casts, supernatural or otherwise, seemed to be any great of their jobs. It is dimwitted nonsense; however, it’s excellently made. It has a decent acting, tight editing, engaging direction and good cinematography. It’s the best time, despite its brain-dead characters, the copy-paste writing, endless cliches and appalling dialogue.

It’s occasionally effective and an amusing pulpy jumpy horror – the highly polished turd which is so shiny that you stop observing the smell. You will not know when it is your turn, to see another being squirm, since they shuffle off the coil, passing on into your turmoil, which can overwhelm and stole, all the passion and the zeal, just there is no means to grin and to bear it, there is really no escape, not until you wore it.

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