The Menu, 2022

The film is an American horror thriller movie of director Mark Mylod with the writer Will Tracy and Seth Reiss from an original tale made by Tracy and under the production by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Betsy Koch. It is about the casts who are playing diners and his exclusive restaurant had been attended.

Cast Lists

Ralph Fiennes acted as Chef Julian Slowik

Nicholas Hoult acted as Tyler Ledford

Rebecca Koon acted as Linda Slowik

John Leguizamo acted as George Diaz

Rob Yang acted as Bryce

Paul Adelstein acted as Ted

Reed Birney acted as Richard Leibrandt

Aimee Carrero acted as Felicity

Matthew Cornwell acted as Dale

Peter Grosz acted as Sommelier

Anya Taylor-Joy acted as Erin / Margot Mills

Janet McTeer acted as Lillian Bloom

Judith Light acted as Anne Leibrandt

Hong Chau acted as Elsa

Adam Aalderks acted as Jeremy Louden

Christina Brucato acted as Katherine Keller

Arturo Castro acted as Soren

Mark St. Cyr acted as Dave


Margot Mills together with Tyler, her date, travel to Hawthorn by the boat, an exclusive restaurant that is operated and owned by the celebrity chef Mr. Julian Slowik, situated on the private island. Some of the other guests that were attending the dinner were Lillian Bloom, the food critic; Ted, her editor; the wealthy couple Anne and Richard Leibrandt; George, the washed-up movie celebrity and Felicity, his personal assistant; the business partners Bryce, Soren, and Dave; and Julian’s very alcoholic mother. The team was provided with a tour of that island by Elsa, the bistro maître d’hôtel, who noted that Margot wasn’t the designated guest of Tyler for that night.

Dinner starts and Julian introduced the series of courses, giving increasingly unsettling monologues regarding the dish. As the evening went on, the secrets about every guest, ranging from the affairs to the embezzlement, are gradually revealed. During the 4th course, the sous chef killed himself while fronting the guests, and the other staff member cutoff the ring finger of Richard when he tried to escape. Right after the 4th course, the prime investor of the restaurant, who’s also Bryce, Soren, and Dave’s boss—was drowned in total view of the many diners.

At different points in the evening, Julian allowed the guests to attempt to escape, just to have the employee catch and take them back. Julian revealed that every guests was chosen since they either contributed with him to lose his passion for the craft or since they make their living off exploiting in the work of workers and artisans just like him and also his team. He announced that everybody who is present there will be dead when the night ends. Since Margot’s presence had been unplanned, Julian privately gave her the options of either to die with the guests or with the staffs. It was revealed that Margot was the escort who met Richard before and was taken by Tyler for that evening.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is a total treat. It will make you navigated as you are on the edge of your seat cause this is movie is a real bistro experience to remember. We are being treated with the fantastic ensemble cast. Hoult stole the show with the pitch perfect performances of the pretentious foodie. Fiennes had been wonderfully crazy as the oddly creator of their eponymous menu was in its layered role. Anya was so watchable as always, giving such a very simple way in for their viewers.

The writing gave them all the brilliant materials that the entire cast executed with ease. The staging and style of the pieces can’t be faulted. It is so clean, polished, precise, and inventive and makes for that very visually appealing movie. It can be said that there had been some rough edges when this is about the plot, and if you had been down to the bolts and nuts, the premise is not necessarily groundbreaking. It’s very over the nose most of the time and subtlety is not totally its strong suit. But, it handles to strike the well tuned balance in between thriller, satire, and comedy, which is not that simple to feat.

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