The Pale Blue Eye, 2022

The film is an American mystery thriller movie directed and written by Scott Cooper, taken from the novel of the similar name through Louis Bayard from 2003. It tells the tales of the veteran detective A. Landor who, at 1830 West Point, NYC, investigated the series of killings at the US Military Academy through the assistance of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, the young military cadet.

Cast Lists

Christian Bale acted as Augustus Landor

Joey Brooks acted as Cadet Stoddard

Orlagh Cassidy acted as Mrs. Fry

John Fetterman US Senator of Pennsylvania

Charlotte Gainsbourg acted as Patsy

Mathias Goldstein acted as Lieutenant Locke

Fred Hechinger acted as Cdt. Randolph Ballinger

Harry Lawtey acted as Cdt. Artemus Marquis

Steven Maier acted as Cadet Fry

Hadley Robinson acted as Mattie

Scott Anderson acted as Benny

Charlie Tahan acted as Cadet Loughborough

Lucy Boynton acted as Lea Marquis

Robert Duvall acted as Jean-Pepe

Brennan Keel Cook acted as Cadet Huntoon

Jack Irving acted as Cadet Hamilton

Gideon Glick acted as Cdt. Haratio Cochrane

Matt Heim acted as Cdt. Llewellyn Lee

Toby Jones acted as their Dr. Daniel Marquis

Harry Melling acted as Cdt. Edgar Allan Poe

Simon McBurney acted as Captain Hitchcock

Timothy Spall acted as Superintendent Thayer

Gillian Anderson acted as the Mrs. Julia Marquis


In the year 1830, the retired veteran detective A. Landor was asked by a military to investigate the incident at the US Military Academy at the West Point, NYC. Landor is the widower who dwells alone since Mathilde, his daughter “ran off”, the couple of years formerly. Leroy Fry, a cadet, had been found hanged. However, his heart was taken out from his body when it lay at the morgue. Those senior officers of the Academy wished Landor to discover the reason of doing this and who did this. Examining the body, Landor finds the little fragment of the note clutched firmly at the hand of a dead cadet. Also, marked on the neck and fingers of Fry suggested that he didn’t hanged himself, but was killed.

With the permission of the officials, Landor enlisted the assistance of Edgar A. Poe, the other cadet at an academy who had expressed his interest in this case. Landor and Poe assumed from the writing over a memo fragment that it had been summoning Fry to the secret meeting. After the sheep and the cow were discovered in the place, butchered and with the hearts removed, it’s presumed that the killing could be connected to the black magic rituals. The other cadet, Ballinger, went missing and was later located hanged, with both the genital and the heart removed. The third cadet, Stoddard, was the colleague of these two victims, then disappeared, and it was assumed by Landor that the man had the reason to be thought that he was next to be killed.

Harry Melling, left, as Edgar Allen Poe and Christian Bale as Augustus Landor in The Pale Blue Eye.

Poe and Landor start to suspect that the family of Daniel Marquis, the doctor was initially brought to the investigation for performing of the autopsy over Fry. Particular suspicions are placed on Artemus, his son and Lea, his daughter (who suffered from random seizures). While visiting the house of Dr. Marquis, Landor locates the old officer’s uniform; the man impersonating an official had been takes in the disfigurement of the body of Fry. Landor confronted Dr. Marquis, who admitted that he had resort to the black magic to heal Lea from her seizures, and originally she appeared to get better.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is not really as scary and as dark as it should be, but, somehow, it is more realistic science wise and more mature. Great cinematic appeal and what makes it adorable is the gothic lonely, chilly, and at times icy in time sceneries which is breathtaking. There are no fake design sets and clear movie stages it is all real natural with rich sceneries. It is a dark mystery which cuts deep, and then left you empty the moment you understand its painful ending. Bale really did great, getting old with that skills but he really delivered.

To sum it, the movie is worth your two hours of watching it. While there are lots of period pieces dragged on and appeared to be rather boring, this product certainly gives on holding your full attention all throughout with the ominous set-ups and the suspenseful sceneries. Bale is obviously the big part of that and also with his dedicated goal as usual for the roles. The tale does not drag and violence was on display, a thing that many of us have seen held back over most of the thriller period pieces.

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