Cocaine Bear, 2023

This American comedy horror movie under the direction of Elizabeth Banks with the writer Jimmy Warden is loosely inspired from the real story of “Cocaine Bear”. The black American bear that swallowed some kilos of a bag that has around 34 kg or 75 lb of lost cocaine. The movie is dedicated to Liotta that passed away last May 2022.

The Cast Lists

Keri Russell performed as Sari

Ayoola Smart performed as Officer Reba

Isiah Whitlock Jr. performed as Bob

Alden Ehrenreich performed as Eddie

Hannah Hoekstra performed as Elsa

Aaron Holliday performed as Kid (Stache)

O’Shea Jackson Jr. performed as Daveed

Ray Liotta performed as Syd

Margo Martindale performed as Ranger Liz

Matthew Rhys performed as Andrew Thornton

Scott Seiss performed as Tom

Christian Convery performed as Henry

Jesse Tyler Ferguson performed as Peter

Kristofer Hivju performed as Olaf (Kristoffer)

Leo Hanna performed as Ponytail

Kahyun Kim performed as Beth

Brooklynn Prince performed as Dee Dee

J.B. Moore performed as Vest

Allan Henry performed as the stunt performer and an actor, played the bear role, and is being credited as the “Bear Performer”. Here, he used meter-long, custom-made, aluminum limb extensions that will portray the movements of the bear.

Story Outline

In 1985, the drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II dropped the cocaine shipment from his airplane. He attempted to parachute out together with the drug-packed duffel bag, but knocked himself unconscious at the doorframe, and caused him to fall into his death. His corpse landed in Knoxville, Tennessee, wherein he was identified by Bob, the local detective. He concluded that the cocaine had been likely from the drug kingpins Syd White of St. Louis and the remainder had been missing. In the mean time, in the Oconee National Forest, Chattahoochee, the black American bear indulge some from that cocaine, becoming really aggressive and attacked two hikers, Olaf and Elsa and killing Elsa.

In the northeast Georgia, Dee Dee, the middle schooler lives with Sari, her nurse mother. Dee Dee skips the school with Henry, her best friend, just in order to have a picture paint of the falls inside the forest. While on the trail going to the falls, they’d located the lost brick of the cocaine and ingested some before they were attacked by this bear. Sari ventured in the forest to look for the kids with Liz, the park ranger, and the wildlife activist, Peter. They saw Henry clinging to the tree, hiding from that bear. The bear attacked, sending Peter stumbling by the pile of cocaine then slashing Liz during the process. Then, the bear tried to climb the tree and attacked Henry but was attracted to the cocaine-coated Peter. Disregarding Henry, the bear killed Peter. Henry and Sari flee deeper to the forest, then, Liz sends for some help.

At St. Louis, Syd transmits his fixer Daveed for recovering the remaining cocaine. Then Daveed traveled to Georgia with Syd’s son, Eddie, who has grown miserable following the passing of his better and has abandoned also his own son. Then they arrive in Georgia, also Bob. At the jungle station, Daveed gets to the fight with Duchamps gang, three criminals who caused trouble in the jungle. After Daveed beat them, Stache, one of the associates, agreed to take Eddie and Daveed to get some of that cocaine he stashed at the gazebo. Liz arrived back at the place, pursued by that bear. Liz accidentally killed one of those Duchamps, Ponytail, before the bear slaughtered Vest, one of those Duchamps gang. The paramedics Tom and Beth arrive and gathered Liz after the brief skirmish with that bear.

Writer’s Observation

The movie is loosely from the actual events, and that is what will sell it to give it some try to watch it. It is just pleasing that the producers and the filmmakers took the real hilarious true concept that made the movie just as ridiculously fun to watch. It is fun to watch when you heard the whole theatre burst out laughing in countless times. The whole movie was simply place, comedy gold. The plot could have been a bit tighter in some of the subplots, however, the casting of this movie have some different colorful characters and also all their performances had made up for the writing issues.

This movie runtime was just enough, as with the pacing, and also the soundtrack was spot-on and awesome for that era. The movie is really one of the rare ridiculous movies that really worked. It is a fun ride from start to end. Final fun fact of the movie is that the real bear can be located at the Fun Mall Kentucky in Kentucky USA.

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