Insidious: The Red Door, 2023

The film is an American supernatural horror movie of director Patrick Wilson as his directorial debut film based on the plot by Teems and Leigh Whannell. It is the direct sequel of 2013,Insidious: Chapter 2, and also the fifth installment from the Insidious franchise.

The Cast Lists

Ty Simpkins performed as Dalton Lambert

Angus Sampson performed as Tucker

Leigh Whannell performed as Specs

Andrew Astor performed as Foster Lambert

Rose Byrne performed as Renai Lambert

Steve Coulter performed as Carl

Sinclair Daniel performed as Chris Winslow

Peter Dager performed being Nick the Dick

Justin Sturgis performed as Alec Anderson

Lin Shaye performed as Elise Rainier

Patrick Wilson performed as Josh Lambert

Hiam Abbass performed as Professor Armagan

Joseph Bishara performed as a Lipstick-Face Demon

David Call performed as Ben Burton / Smash Face

Juliana Davies performed as Kali Lambert

Dagmara Domińczyk performed as Priest Voice

Story Outline

In 2019, after nine years from his possession, the memories of Josh Lambert’s about his experiences in The Further had been repressed. He’s divorced from Renai, his wife and Lorraine, his mother has recently died. While, his relationship with Dalton, his son had been strained, and he attempted to heal things in between them when dropping him off in his college but it ended with them in some argument. While in his primary art class, Dalton ended up drawing a photo of a red door being used to come in The Further. In the mean time, Josh starts being haunted by a man’s spirit, finally discovering that it’s Ben Burton, his father whom he thought forsaken his family when he’s young. Dalton attended the frat party with Chris, his roommate, where he saw the student’s ghost that’s constantly vomiting. After going to The Further unintentionally, Chris showed Dalton the YouTube video of Specs and Tucker, and explained how astral projection is working, which leads to the clips of Elise Rainier speaking about The Further.

Then Dalton attempted to astral project when Chris watched over his body. Chris was attacked by the unseen entity and the screams alerted Dalton, who rushed back going to his body, then saw that it’s the red-faced evil spirit that tormented him when he was a child. Right after being warned of Chris to stop utilizing his abilities, Dalton took the call from Foster, his brother who told about the recurring dream he usually have of Josh attempting to kill them. It spurs the memory of Dalton and he finished his painting, which showed the possessed Josh fronting the red door. The distressed Dalton was pulled to The Further, going back to when the possessed Josh harassed them at the basement. He tackled Josh as Josh attempted to kill the little Dalton and ended up transported back into the red-faced evils lair.

Josh starts researching his father then discovered that he slayed himself while being institutionalized in the mental hospice. He talked to Renai, who revealed the truth regarding what happened to the family after ten years and that the father had also the capability to astral project, however, believed the things being seen were the outcome of the mental illness. Foster showed them a picture of the painting of Dalton he texted and then they realized Dalton was in danger. Renai assisted Josh to return to The Further to save their son.

Writer’s Observation

For those who are fan of horror movies, do not expect much from this film. It will let you feel as though there had been the think tank meetings wherein some significant ideas were thought and they settled to explore those ideas without really fleshing it out. There had been hardly jump scares or the truly exclusive elements of horror and to sum it all it is just a very expected plot. Despite the movie runtime, the movie felt really fast, almost like the episode of a television show.

This is in combination with the unbearably cringy script to a roommate / best friend character made the movie the least favorite from the franchise. The movie is a disappointing kind of sequel from the original plot. The pace isn’t adequate and its screenplay is not good and messy. The plot is predictable and boring. Maybe the great anticipation made in the fans and the viewers of “Insidious” is being blamed since it’s really hard to attain making a great film.

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