The Wrath of Becky, 2023

This is an American action thriller movie of director Suzanne Coote and Matt Angel. Angel wrote the movie screenplay based on the plot by himself and also Coote. The movie is the sequel to the film Becky of 2020.

The Cast Lists

Lulu Wilson performed as Becky

Matt Angel performed as Sean

Alison Cimmet performed as Alice

Derek Gaines performed as Ted

Jill Larson performed as Darryl Sr.

Seann William Scott performed as Darryl Jr.

Kate Siegel performed as Agent Montana

Pac Williams performed as Diego

Denise Burse performed as Elena

John D. Hickman performed as Steve

Courtney Gains performed as Twig

Zoie Morris vas Charmain

Michael Sirow performed as Anthony

Aaron Dalla Villa performed as DJ

Story Outline

After three years from the harrowing ordeal, together with the four Neo-Nazis who murdered her father, Becky in her 16-year of age, keeps on living her life off the framework, when escaping from the successive foster home and honing her enduring skills. Picked up during hitchhike, Becky and Diego, her dog, eventually settle in together with Elena Cahn, the matronly woman who treated Becky like a dependable daughter and doesn’t pry about the past.

Sean, Anthony, and DJ, the three members of the extremist crowd known as Noble Men, halt in the diner wherein Becky is working as a waitress. Annoyed by their rude misogyny, Becky purposefully dumped the hot coffee cup in the lap of Anthony, so the three guys secretly followed Becky home. Despite the claim, he only wish to scare the lass, upon breaking to her house, then Anthony ended shooting up Elena in the head, dognapping Diego and knocking Becky unconscious. After Becky recovered, she vows to look for her dog and took revenge for the death of Elena.

Remembering that the guys previously mentioned meeting together with Darryl, Becky locates two local addresses connected to that name. Its primary location leads Becky with an elderly lady identified being Darryl Sr. The next leads Becky to the remote cabin wherein the Noble Men cell head Darryl hosted the meeting with Sean, Anthony, DJ, and another militia team named as Twig. Becky creeps into the cabin then finds evidence that the town hall protested planned for the following day will really be an armed rebellion against Senator Hernandez. Then Becky steals the secret thumb drive also that contains membership data on everyone link with this Noble Men. Becky left the cellular phone on the doorstep of Darryl that she used to taunt the guy. Becky’s arrival forced Sean, Anthony, and to confess to the dognapping of her dog, but then they don’t say a thing to Darryl regarding the killing of Elena.

Writer’s Observation

Honestly, it will never crossed someone’s mind that Becky would have a sequel, and so it will took the viewers to total surprise when you see this movie playing at the local theater. The plot is the standard mishmash of the previously successful movies. The script could have been the tad tighter, however, the longtime comedic actors they offer is admirable with the chance to demonstrate their ranges. It is recommended that you watch this movie, but it is the fun way if you want to kill the 90 minutes of your life.

The storyline of the movie was rather a straightforward storyline, but a very generic plotline also. If you have watched any kind of ‘revenge’ movie, you will know what you have in here and the plot is simply stupid.

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