Mangkujiwo 2, 2023

The film is an Indonesian horror movie of director Azhar Kinoi Lubis. This is the sequel to the film Mangkujiwo of 2020. This film was produced by the MVP Pictures and this movie premiered in Indonesian cinemas last January 26 2023.

The Cast Lists

Sujiwo Tejo performed as Kanjeng Brotoseno

Yayu Unru performed as Dargo Sentono

Djenar Maesa Ayu performed as Nyi Kenanga

Ibnu Gundul performed as Arsyah

Marthino Lio performed as Rimba

Karina Suwandi performed as Karmila

Kimberly Ryder performed as Sri Sukma Rahimi

Pritt Timothy performed as Kunto Haryo

Sara Wijayanto performed as Sri Sukma Rahadjeng

Yuyun Arfah performed as Kanti

Yasamin Jasem performed as Hanuma Kinanti

Kiki Narendra performed as Jenderal Amperawan

Widika Sidmore performed as Maurine

Story Outline


After the death of Cokrokusumo, Uma tried to combat the trauma when looking for the answers to the secrecy of Kuntilanak’s involvement to her life. In the mean time, Karmila, Brotoseno, and Nyi Kenanga take cruel methods in taking Mangkujiwo to the climax of glory, where the blood can be spilled once more.

Writer’s Observation

Traditional and archaic flairs to Indonesian terrifying movies is somewhat that you can support to watch, however, this movie in particular, made mostly only a thing out of those wide-spectrum of backdrop it has all nothingness.

The movie is really over-elongated and composed of nothing. There is barely any gist of the climax to this film and I can’t stress enough how conflicting it is with almost everything: The tone, the characters, the scriptwriting, the plot, you name it, it has it. Anything to link with the story is in fact, nothingness. Motives and convictions are typically just thrown out from the window that can be replaced with an even more baffling decision. There is also so much redundancy that you can see from this movie. There are shots that have no effects at all to the entire experience and plot had been everywhere. You will surely not get the sense of watching the three different torture scenes when they ended up practically similar. And with none to move this movie forward. It is an obvious pretty taboo and an old critique for one movie – there is not an inherent needed to shift the film forward with almost everything and pretty sure that Tarantino is the best testament to that.

The movie in particularly although made it really painful when you’re fed with seven different shots of the hunchback choosing whether he will enter the room or not. Then, in its very least, the editing, coloring, and performances were all tolerable. Sure they’re still inconsistent; however, the effort was created with some level of competency. Also, the storyline of the movie is really horrendous! The movie director is really trying very hard to stitch those pieces together, and really trying very hard to make that twist; but a total flop! Although the plot is not perfect, but, its foundation of Kuntilanak entering the universe quite add up and Sujiwo Tedjo being Broto is the most character that make the movie different. Also, this thriller movie is covered by the Japanese culture that a lot of mystic ritual happens.

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