Phoenix, 2023

The film is an Indian Malayalam-language romantic horror movie of director Vishnu Bharathan as his directorial debut with the writer Midhun Manuel Thomas coming from the story by Vishnu.

The Cast Lists

Aju Varghese performed as Advocate John Williams

Asha Aravind performed as Sister Aneetta

Aradhya Ann performed as Margaret

Nilja K. Baby performed as Daisy John

Chandhunadh performed as Freddy Mathew

Devendranath performed as Dr. Tharakan

Aji John performed as Mathew, Freddy’s Father

Bhagath Manuel performed as Ameer, John’s Friend

Rahul Nair performed as Thomas

Rajan Pootharakkal performed as Peter Kapyar

Abram Ratheesh performed as Tittu

Jess Sweejan performed as Lidiya

Baby Aavni performed as Mariya

Sini Abraham performed as Freddy’s Mother

Anju performed as Ameer’s wife

Abhirami Bose performed as Anna Rose George

Favor Francis performed as Adv. Ibrahim

Dileep performed as Doctor

Paul D. Joseph performed as Kapyar

Anoop Menon performed as Fr. Francis

Aroop Sivadas performed as Broker

Premananandan performed as Kadakkaran

Ranjini performed as Margaret’s Mother

Zhinz Shan performed as Fr. Geo Kuttikadan

Story Outline

Adv. John Williams transferred to the house through the sea at Thuruthikkadavu in year 1990, together with the wife Daisy and the three kids because of some personal causes. After beginning to stay there, John takes some letters written to the person known as Freddy from the unknown address and then experiences some odd things. When John discussed the issue with Amir, his friend, Amir told him to vacate the house immediately and to go and meet Thomas, the owner of the house, to return the rent being paid in advance.


Then John discovers from the servant of Thomas that the house wherein they are now living was built in the place that was previously used as the graveyard. Along with the kids and the wife, John temporarily transfers to the house of Amir and while being there, he takes another letter and then decides to return to know who Freddy is. Then one evening, after returning home, the kids of John are frightened by a thing and Tittu, the youngest child, later suffered from fever. Upon the request of Daisy, John met Father Geo Kuttikkadan to ask about Freddy and then requests that he arrive to the house to give prayer for the healing of Tittu’s fever.

The doctor informed Fr. Geo Kuttikkadan about Tittu’s symptoms of cholera. Tittu is not fit to visit the house of John. Later, Fr. Geo discovers that Freddy was revealed being the groom in a betrothal invitation of the girl known as Margaret in year 1971 and informed John about her. Amir and John met Margaret, the present doctor, and discovered that Freddy did not marry her and also that she’s married to the doctor named Rajeev. Through Peter’s help, the parish clerk, Amir and John met Fr. Francis, who returned from Rome right after being detected of having cancer in the blood. When John showed one of the memos he took, Fr. Francis recognized it as the letter of Anna Rose George and narrated her and the story of Freddy.

Writer’s Observation

Usually Malayalam films have a unique story and style, however, this one is par below the normal c rating old horror plot and it’s dragging and slow, you may tell the entire plot in just 10 minutes. The movie is really not a horror one with dull sub-par acting, boring romance, not interesting at all.

The horror genre has been probably the hardest genre especially when you’re trying to remain away from the physical horror and then wanted it to become more implied and psychological. The movie also has their good bits but at some point there are glaring bits and holes that are thrown to you without any plot or context leaving the viewers confused in place. The movie central theme is obviously defined but somehow seemed logically flawed. However, in all fairness, when the movie moves on, it will be forgiven. The children the stars here, but had been criminally utilized.

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