The Betina Followers of the Devil, 2023

The film is an Indonesian slasher horror movie of director Rako Prijanto and the movie had been broadcasted on 16th of February, 2023.

The Cast Lists

Adipati Dolken performed as Iblis

Sara Fajira performed as Asih

Mawar de Jongh performed as Sumi

Hans de Kraker performed as Dr. Freedman

Derry Oktami performed as Karto, Ayah Sumi

Ravil Prasetya performed as Saber

Anindya Arioni performed as Ningrum

Dealova performed as Ningrum kecil

Hanggini performed as Sari

Agus Mahesa performed as Pak Mimin

Nagra Kausar performed as Borej

Dessy Oktora performed as Mak Ijah

Gusti Rayhan performed as Ahmad

Tommy Babap performed as Nur

Story Outline

The Betina Followers of the Devil

Sumi takes care of Karto, her father, who has been sick. To endure, he opened the curry shop made of human flesh. Goulash components ranged from the newly buried corpses up to the fresh corpses. In the mean time, Sari returned to being the teluh shaman and then terrorized the village, when the younger sister, Ningrum was murdered and the body disappeared from the grave. Then they were incited and then became the slaves of a Devil.

Writer’s Observation

The movie is that good and it is really not that scary, but annoying instead, especially to the guy that portrayed as the devil. He has red eyes, fangs of a vampire and his character is so confusing. The movie story is a total mess and the acting is quiet bad as well.

The movie is just flat at all. The movie really needed some improvement it is plot and characters need to do or attend some workshop so that they can improve their acting skills on each character and that is something really important. The acting of Sumi is admirable and the props are also another good thing. The devil looks comic with the face powder, red eye and fingernails. Also, the storyline of the movie is quite the same with the Thai horror movie.

In the early minutes of the movie, it appeared oddities which really spoiled the entire movie. The movie gore that is being used as their selling point with that kind of acting from their actors had been shattered because of this. Another thing is that, the devil of the movie is not really interesting not even with a cringe fall. Their devil is really noisy and he not illustrated a thing that can be used to terrify the viewers, with that kind of makeup, wow! It appears weird for a devil’s character. It has so many untouched parts too that you can clearly notice in the movie. The ending side of the movie feels really forced that there can be a sequel in the future. You can read the director’s plan here. Plus the story twist does not appear to be a plot twist at all. There is really no clear planting of building the ending or the plot twist. This being said, this movie can work on technical level – and there can be things that you’ll not be able to take in. It is just about the mood which can be created.

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