Nanny, 2022

This is an American psychological horror movie of the director and writer Nikyatu Jusu, to feature her directorial debut. Nanny had their world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, where the movie won the prize of Grand Jury Prize, and make the first ever horror movie to win this kind of award at Sundance.

The Cast Lists

Anna Diop performed as Aisha

Zephani Idoko performed as Sallay

Jahleel Kamara performed as Lamine

Morgan Spector performed as Adam

Leslie Uggams performed as Kathleen

Rose Decker performed as Rose

Olamide Candide-Johnson performed as Mariatou

Michelle Monaghan performed as Amy

Sinqua Walls performed as Malik

Story Outline

Aisha is one undocumented Senegalese immigrant at New York City. Aisha left Lamine, her now 6-year-old son, with Mariatou Senegal, her cousin, a year earlier. Aisha hopes to earn sufficient cash to bring cousin and her son as immigrants to USA and live with her. She was hired as Rose’s nanny, the little daughter of Adam and Amy Hav, the rich white couple who dwell in a well-off New York City locality. She and Rose then became very close, while Adam and Amy are distracted of their careers, normally causing Aisha to stay late or either overnight – when neither the parent returns to their home.

Aisha draws Malik interest, the doorman at Havs’ apartment building. Then they soon started their relationship, to the consent of Kathleen, the grandmother of Malik, and his son, Bishop, who is roughly of Lamine’s age. Aisha and Kathleen share a trace of magical perception. This Havs are usually remiss in recompensing Aisha, which delays Aisha being able to wrap the airfare for Mariatou and Lamine. Adam offered to assist her, then, instead makes the sexual advances to her wherein it places her in chaos. She starts having dreams of sinking, and also as waking images of Lamine.

Amy left her family without any notice, and this left Aisha to work full time and Adam tried to sort things. One evening, alone with Rose, Aisha starts having visions and then Rose seemingly disappeared from the apartment. Then she heard voices, she grabbed a knife from their kitchen and checked the bath area, where she is oddly pulled in the full tub that she almost drowns. Aisha suddenly realized that Rose is inside the tub, taking a bath. She begs the forgiveness of Rose for scaring her by a knife, where Rose replied that it’s Lamine causing that vision since he’s jealous of the attention of Aisha to Rose.

Writer’s Observation

This movie is great during the opening scenes. Weird silent monotone kid, creepy house, sweet naive immigrant nanny, clearly dysfunctional couple, – all are the recipe for disaster. However, literally nothing happened at all. There are so many dark sides here, supposedly suspenseful sequences which are probably the element of “horror” in the movie. The movie is too deep for somebody without that deep knowledge in film appreciation that they cannot really enjoy, but that distinct feeling that the movie will leave you with is similar to watching something that you really like.

This directorial debut of Nikyatu Jusu boasts that distinct visual style which works in its assistance. While its final act writing and the expected twist had left much to become desired, the Nanny movie never failed short to engage. It is head by the committed Anna Diop performances, and significantly help by the sharp comments on the migrant issues, African folklore and trauma. While Aisha is well performed and well-written, the other casts are found wanting. The character of Michelle Monaghan had many more to contribute to its story than just of being a rich, burnt-out mommy. It turns out that the story was simpler than you’ll ever believe in.

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