Sick, 2022

This film is an American slasher movie under the direction of John Hyams with the writers Katelyn Crabb and Kevin Williamson. It is premiered at Toronto International Movie Festival on 11th of September, 2022 and had been released on Peacock.

The Cast Lists

Gideon Adlon performed as Parker Mason

Beth Million performed as Miri Woodlow

Logan Murphy performed as Benji

Dylan Sprayberry performed as DJ Cole

Chris Reid performed as Jeb

Jane Adams performed as Pamela

Marc Menchaca performed as Jason

Joel Courtney performed as Tyler

Duane Stephens performed as Mr. Lyons

Story Outline

In April 2020, along with the pandemic of COVID-19, the college learner Tyler Murphy was attacked and had been killed inside his dorm by the masked assailant, after taking the anonymous messages. Best friends Miri Woodlow and Parker Mason decide to quarantine altogether at the Parker’s family’s isolated lake house, posting the trip on Instagram. During their arrival, Parker starts to take odd text messages coming from the unknown number, troubling both the girls. Later that night, the unknown visitor came in their driveway and knock at the door. The guest, entering by the backdoor, was revealed as DJ, Parker’s fling. Then, Parker reluctantly allowed him to settle for the night. Later, DJ confronted Parker about the Instagram post that showed her kissing the boy known as Benji in a party; Parker insisted she is not fascinated with any serious relationship.

Then DJ walks to his truck, the masked figure slips into the house. Whereas everyone was sleeping, the intruder stole all the phones. Parker and DJ woke up when the loud music played downstairs. After observing the intruder, DJ instructed Parker to exit that house and waited in the truck. The intruder prepared to attack this sleeping Miri in the bedroom, but then DJ subdued the masked intruder, permitting Miri to flee then joined Parker in the truck. When DJ tried to escape, an intruder overpowered and stabbed him many times before gravely impaling him with the metal pike. These girls attempted to drive away, and crashed into the tree after finding the tires slashed.

Hunted by the intruder, Miri and Parker race back going to the house and when they escape by the attic window, then Miri gets pushed off a roof. The intruder ambushed Parker in their kitchen, but she gained the upper hand then repeatedly bludgeons in the head. The second masked perpetrator arrived, distraught to discover his accomplice assumed dead. Outside, Parker locates Miri alive with the shattered leg, and told her to just play dead. The next intruder, believing Miri was deceased, chased Parker towards a lake. After crossing that lake, she reached the neighbor’s home and asked him for some help, but then the intruder beats her into the neighbor’s house, killed the neighbor and then once again pursued Parker. In the mean time, Miri makes her means back to the house then crafted the splint for the leg. The initial intruder regained consciousness and attacked Miri, who slashed his throat, slaying him.

Writer’s Observation

The movie is a low key brilliant. Initially, the title itself, the moment you watch it, you will know what the other viewers meant. Next, it is the ideal time for it to be release. Provided what had happened with the past pandemic, it was really a genius film on their end in making this up. They seize advantage of what had been going on in the society and then mixed it with Scream like atmosphere. It is simple yet brilliant.

There are some scenarios in this were it is a hilarious. It’s very, subtle, but if you are giving attention, you will surely laugh. You will not anticipate the movie to have that twist they had. You would not anticipate that at all, and kudos yet once more for taking the advantages of the past pandemic. If there would be more death scenes, it would be more appreciated. However, given how the plot played out, would not make much logic to have more and the few death scenarios they provided were all pretty interesting. This movie is solid to watch, and it is recommended for you.

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