Torn Hearts, 2022

This is an American horror movie under the direction of Brea Grant with the writer Rachel Koller Croft. Jason Blum served as the executive producer by the Blumhouse Television banner. This movie was released digitally by Epix & Paramount Home Entertainment on the 20th of May, 2022.

The Cast Lists

Katey Sagal performed as Harper Dutch

Joshua Leonard performed as Richie Rowley Jones

Abby Quinn performed as Jordan Wilder

Shiloh Fernandez performed as Caleb Crawford

Alexxis Lemire performed as Leigh Blackhouse

Story Outline

Leigh and Jordan, singer and songwriter, correspondingly, together constitute a Nashville band the “Torn Hearts.” At the rise, they’re looking for the break over the tour of the famed country singer, Mr. Caleb Crawford, who, after Jordan hooked-up with him in one night, tells her about the tour being for “all-guys.” By this chance disappeared, Jordan talked Leigh to approaching their icon, Harper Dutch of those Dutch Sisters, that address Jordan take from Caleb, and then recording the song with her.

Right after reaching the worn-out and the matured Dutch manor Jordan and Leigh took the odd welcome coming from Harper Dutch. Hope Dutch, the sister of Harper, was murdered when they’re famous and young, after which Harper was left singing. Harper was able to spark the battle between Jordan and Leigh by poking at the differences of their opinions. Leigh even admitted to Harper that she’d “picked” Jordan right after the “four or the five” girls. It is where Harper is connected with her but not with Jordan.

And just like Leigh is aware that she would have not attained whatever she own without Jordan, Harper, knew also that without Hope, victory would not have draw near her. Jordan shot and killed Harper as form of self defense, but then, Harper had already been capable of planting the “story” seed in the head of Leigh. With Jordan passing, Leigh, too, might have the tragic plot to tell to the world that might possibly make more individuals to listen to their hum. Before Leigh can be able to leave the Dutch hall, a deadly wounded Jordan shot Leigh, and then they both die.

Writer’s Observation

To watch the fine performances of Katey Sagal is the real star of this movie. The production and the part of the cast had been solid for this movie made on with the so big budget. This Torn Hearts is another movie that you can once and then just forget it. The movie story simply doesn’t offer anything on the scale and new to horror-o-meter and this one is a rather shaky entry: what you will get here is the psycho-thriller film with very few scenarios what the mainstream can be able to call as horror.

The movie is not really that bad, but it is not that good either. It has a sluggish start, and later redeemed itself gradual and will keep you interested. It has the right amount only and not that great. It could have done a bit deeper with its creepy factors. Also, the other casts played their roles just real with what is requested with their personality. All in all, it could possibly have taken the next level darker, weird and creepier. There is absolutely more to come when the creators give more and as a viewer, we are eager to watch in awe when they further keep on excelling into the next level of their craft.

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