Goodnight Mommy, 2022

This American psychological horror movie of director Matt Sobel and wrier Kyle Warren is serving as the remake of the Austrian film of 2014 of similar name. The movie followed the twin brothers who suspected their mother had been switched with the impostor, following her present surgery and leaving her with the bandages all over her face.

The Cast Lists

Naomi Watts performed as Mother

Nicholas Crovetti performed as Lukas

Crystal Lucas-Perry performed as Sandy

Jeremy Bobb performed as Gary

Cameron Crovetti performed as Elias

Peter Hermann performed as Father

Story Outline

Twin brothers Lukas and Elias returned home to stay with their estranged mom who is a former actress, right after dwelling with their father ever since their divorce. When they see her again, they get disturbed to see her wearing the full bandage all over her entire head, resembling the white balaclava. The mother explained that she has gotten a cosmetic surgery. She gave the boys some of her house rules, which included of not entering her personal room or even the barn outside. When they were playing outside at the field, these boys discovered the barn. Exploring in the inside, Elias finds some of their old toys. The mother discovered that they have been inside the barn and chastised them, saying that starting that day, they will just stay indoors.

The boys then quickly sense that something is strange about their Mother, who doesn’t seem interested in connecting with them again; she appears angry, drinks heavily, and will not hum the lullaby she used to sing always to them when they were still kids. Elias also discovered that his Mother had thrown away the drawing he made about them three, which really upsets him. Then in the evening, Elias overheared his Mother speaking over the phone; and she said she can’t go on faking as their mom and wanted him gone.

After witnessing the old headshot of his Mother with the green eyes, that has blue eyes now, the boys start to ask whether the woman they’re living with their real mother. When they attempted to contact also their father, the Mother also breaks their shared cellular phone. One evening, while she was taking a shower, Elias attempted to take out the skincare face masks that she was wearing; an argument ensued and, after that Elias told her that she’s not their real mother, she slapped him, then sprayed him with the freezing shower water that is so cold until he admitted that he is wrong.

Writer’s Observation

Goodnight Mommy is the American remake of the Austrian horror movie from 2014. Usually American remakes are not preferred from the original source, however, this one is not that bad. The movie was well casted. The acting performances of the character were all very good. Watts is an extraordinary actress in everything that she does and the Crovetti brothers also did extremely well.

However, there are several scenes missing in this American version, maybe they have done that for keeping the runtime shorter. Unfortunately, this remake does not have the similar bite and unnerving tensions from the original. The first movie will really made you felt the uneasiness and this one seemed to lack uneasiness and there is uncomfortable dread about what would happen. If you watched, you will know about the story twist and you may not experience that similar enjoyment when you first watched the original movie from years ago.

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