Orphan: First Kill, 2022

This American psychological horror movie is under the direction of William Brent Bell, with the writer David Coggeshall, from the story of Alex Mace and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. This is the prequel of the 2009 movie Orphan.

The Cast Lists

Isabelle Fuhrman performed as Esther / Leena

Dave Brown performed as Dr. Novory

Gwendolyn Collins performed as Anna

Hiro Kanagawa performed as Detective Donnan

Rossif Sutherland vas Allen Albright

Samantha Walkes performed as Dr. Segar

Alec Carlos performed as Mike

Lauren Cochrane performed as Officer Leahy

Jade Michael performed as Madison

Julia Stiles performed as Tricia Albright

Matthew Finlan performed as Gunnar Albright

Story Outline

In January 2007, Leena Klammer, the 31-year-old lady and the Estonian psychiatric patient that has atypical hormonal disorder known as hypopituitarism which gives her the look of the 9-year-old kid, orchestrates the escape from Saarne Institute through seducing and killing the guard and hiding inside the auto of the art therapist called as Anna. After breaching in the house of Anna and then killing her, Leena looked up missing the American girls and saw that she bears the striking resemblance with Esther Albright, the girl from the wealthy family who were missing in 2003. Then, posing as the lost girl, Leena was approached by the Russian police official and introduced herself as “Esther”, and asserting that her parents has been in the US.

In Darien, Connecticut, the well-off artist Allen Albright with his wife Tricia that has since then come to terms together with the fading of their daughter had been notified by the Detective Donnan wherein “Esther” had been found. Tricia travelled to U.S. embassy while in Moscow wherein she had been “reunited” with Esther. Esther was taken by Tricia at home and immediately begins to have doubts the moment she noticed that Esther had forgotten about the passing of her grandmother and also her painting abilities have increased enormously when compared prior to her disappearance. Leena fall in-love with Allen right after they both begin bonding over their skills in painting and tried to depart him from Tricia.

As Allen and Tricia attended the charity gala being hosted by Tricia, this Donnan came at the house then stole the vinyl record from the room of Esther which has the fingerprints of Leena on it. He took it back to the house, and not aware that Leena had followed him, and analyzed the fingerprints to see that it is not the match. Donnan was attacked by Leena and stabbed him with the knife repeatedly, just before Tricia came, having followed Leena and instead of preventing Leena, Tricia unlocks the fire on Donnan together with the gun and killed him. Tricia revealed that she is aware that Leena isn’t Esther at all, who died about four years earlier through the altercation with the older brother Gunnar, that Tricia covered without the knowledge of Allen.

Writer’s Observation

The concept of prequels is admirable because there had been some really nice ones, but there are also some average ones, and there are times that the average ones had outweigh the good one. ‘Orphan: First Kill’ had been one of the best ones in present times. There had been a point wherein the viewer will think that it will be a copy paste one from the original, but then a twist will come that will changed all things and the movie will progress nicely from there.

You will surely wonder whether the movie was going to do better as it has been from the original with a twist at the finale, or in its prequel with us being aware about the twist the entire time. It was a better twist back in year 2009, but being aware of what had been going on all throughout the entire movie is really creepy. The movie is enjoyable more than you can anticipate it. It was quick with a good level of violence, and the twist that the audience will think was well hidden. It added a better new aspect in this movie and as for me, the movie is recommended to watch.

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