Viking Wolf, 2022

This Norwegian horror/thriller movie of director Stig Svendsen is made done with the writers Stig Svendsen and Espen Aukan. The movie tells the tales of the 17-year-old young girl who was bitten by the werewolf and then gradually transforms into it when her police official mother is not aware of the condition of her daughter. The movie was mainly filmed in Notodden, in Norway.

The Cast Lists

Liv Mjönes performed as Liv Berg

Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne performed as Thale Berg

Jon Stensby performed as Harald

Kasper Antonsen performed as Vidar Uthaug

Øyvind Brandtzæg performed as Eilert Sundas

Sjur Vatne Brean performed as Jonas Larson

Arthur Hakalahti performed as William Nordvaag

Mia Fosshaug Laubacher performed as Jenny Berg

Vidar Magnussen performed as Arthur Berg

Pål Anders Nordvi performed as

Ívar Örn Sverrisson performed as Olav

Anna Drowak performed as Tove Gran

Ståle Bjørnhaug performed as Lars Brodin

Sverre Breivik performed as Torgersen

Silje Øksland Krohne performed as Elin Gran

Story Outline

During the Viking raid on the monastery in 1050 in Normandy, the raiding party discovered the wolf cub at the back of the locked door where they thought held treasure. As the compensation for those absent silver and gold, the vikings took a cub to Norway. During the time that the ship reached the Norwegian coast, and all vikings had been slayed by the wolf that it escaped to the Norwegian wilderness.

In the mean time, in the current day of the Norwegian town of the Nybo, Thale, the 17 year old had recently transferred into her latest home with the whole family after their mother Liv moved from her last job as the police official in Oslo to its local Nybo police forces following the passing of the father of Thale. Thale partially blamed her mother for the passing of her father death and does not get along with her Arthur, her stepfather. The only person she cares and is still close with is Jenny, her little deaf sister.

While watching the horror film with her, Thale takes the text from Jonas, a high school friend, inviting her for the gathering at the woods near the bark with the other kinds of Nybo youth. Things do not go really well at the gathering and Thale decided to just leave early the moment she spotted Elin and Jonas talking, the daughter of the local Mayor, at the woods by that bay. During the talk, Elin was attacked by the creature at the dark and had been injured. Whereas Jonas backs away of fear, Thale attempted to assist Elin just to get injured by her own as the beast sliced her shoulder. Elin was dragged screaming to the woods and then the local police and the paramedics showed up to the scenario. While Thale and Jonas received the treatment, the police forces with Liv, the mother of Thale and the Eilert, the police chief, search for Elin, and finding only the bloody phone and the large torn-off claw.

Writer’s Observation

As this Norwegian movie opens, it has been told how, almost one thousand years ago, the Viking raiders headed south to Normandy.

This movie as thought as a decent one, in addition to the genre of werewolf movies. The prologue made the movie clear that it has been going to be the werewolf movie from the opening scenario. In the audience part, they would preferred that the data to come out in a bit later, however, it did not really matter that much as it was not long before it has been known what had really attacked the girl. Aside from explaining how the werewolves initially came to be at Scandinavia it did not try to add something to its established lore. The story borrowed from the other movies and also from the less obvious resources

It is certain that the hunter had been inspired by the Quint from the ‘Jaws’. The acting was solid and the effects are decent. The big query about any horror movies are that ‘Is it that scary?’ unfortunately, in the most side of it, it is not. While we see some of the aftermath during the attacks the makers appeared a bit squeamish regarding showing the gory attack. Overall the decent enough add-on to the genre which the werewolf fans are seemed to enjoy. Even when they do not rate it among the best they’re unlikely to take into consideration as one of the worse movie.

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