El Conde, 2023

This is Chilean comedy and black horror movie of director Pablo Larraín with the writer Guillermo Calderón and Larraín. It is the satire that portrayed Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator as the 250-year-old seeking death vampire.

The Cast Lists

Jaime Vadell performed as Augusto Pinochet

Alfredo Castro performed as Fyodor

Catalina Guerra performed as Luciana

Gloria Münchmeyer performed as Lucía Hiriart

Amparo Noguera performed as Mercedes

Paula Luchsinger performed as Carmen

Antonia Zegers performed as Jacinta

Marcial Tagle performed as Aníbal

Stella Gonet performed as Margaret Thatcher

Diego Muñoz performed as Manuel

Clemente Rodríguez performed as Claude Pinoche

Story Outline

El Conde

During the 18th century, the royalist French soldier, Claude Pinoche is discovered as a vampire and survived the attempt to slay him. Witnessing the punishment of Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, he false the death and then flee abroad, partaking in the control of revolutionary upheavals through the subsequent two centuries. In time, in 1935 he ended up in Chile and joined the Chilean Army in the name of Augusto Pinochet. Growing to become the general, he defeats the socialist administration in 1973 of Salvador Allende and become the state’s dictator, demanding that he’ll be addressed being “The Count” by the family. When the authorities start investigating the ill-gotten wealth, with the human rights abuses he practice, after he left the office, he false the death again, then retired to the remote farm.

Right after 250 years or era of existence, he slowly lost his will to stay alive, worrying Lucía, his wife and also Fyodor, his very long-time butler, the white Russian that Pinochet bit and then turned to another vampire. Fyodor tool up the military uniform of Augusto and went on the gruesome slaying spree to locate and consume the human being hearts in Santiago. Assuming that the father was anxious and responsible to take their inheritance, this Pinochet kids hired Carmen, a nun, to exorcise and to kill Augusto under a guise of assessing the wealth of the family, and then go to a farm, then followed by Carmen.

Augusto was charmed by Carmen with her French fluency, while he discovered that Lucía was having her affair with Fyodor but tolerated it as he had grown tired about her. Carmen extensively interviewed the household of their legal finances and troubles, assembling the dossier which she had hide in her room. Then, Carmen revealed her real identity of a nun or a sister to Augusto and tried to exorcise him, and was then overwhelmed of his presence and ended up having an intimate contact with him, permitting him to convert her to a vampire. This prompted the coming of Margaret Thatcher, who’s revealed to be the mother of Claude, having abandoned him in an orphanage during birth after she’s bitten by the strigoi and was raped.

Writer’s Observation

The topic of vampirism is the clear metaphor, but Larrain handled it really well, with tasty dark touches. But, he cannot help but allow things to get a little bit too fanciful then drags in all things from Marie Antoinette up to the Falklands wars to the surprise cameo. It covered things up a little bit and extended the allegory for a little bit too thin, and even as this strikes a tough blow regarding the permanence of the evil.

The movie is a stirring film that does not really hit its marks; however, it does so together with the intellectual vigor and masterly style. It is a good movie and possibly one of the great “vampire” movies you can watch. Do not expect the normal hack and the slash vampire stuff. It is quite more sophisticated story than that. You will never know where this movie is headed. Its black and light cinematography is excellent. Its classical music score had been excellent too and the acting is a top notch one.

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